Sunday, April 29, 2012

Traveling home.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

We didn't make it to Tucumcari tonight, as I was way too tired.......  Santa Rosa is only about 60 miles short of half way, but adding that onto tomorrow will make that day even longer.  But perhaps I will give up again tomorrow night.

I don't know why I like to get this trip over with and get on home, but usually I blame it on the motel rooms.  Seems like folks have to get up at 5 AM and slam their doors.  But here I go complaining again.

We were up at 6 AM this morning and we were ready to go by about 8:30 but then we had to go store the Motorhome over in Apache Jct.  First you have to drive there and then open the gate while the coach sits in the median of the street with its 4 way flashers on.  Then get it parked.

None of that was too bad, but I had to deal with those new tire covers.  And since I had never used them before, it was a struggle.  Finally it dawned on me to use the awning rod to poke the shot cord back around under the tire.  It went a little better then.

I had taken a shower, but after crawling all around in the dirt and gravel of the lot, I wondered why I had taken the time.  But the covers are on, and the sun will not shine on rubber for the next several weeks of hot Arizona summer.

We were pulling the utility trailer with the motor scooter inside today which started by climbing from 1400 feet in Mesa to well over 7600 West of Heber, Az.  This goes up directly without much pause for level ground.  We stopped at the top and let the truck cool off a bit.  The gauge wasn't reading hot, but the truck smelled hot so we stopped.  Usually we have pulled the trailer behind the MH on these long jaunts, but then we did have a travel trailer that weighed a lot more behind the truck years ago.  So it will be just fine...

The rest of the day was just routine traveling in the car.  A McDonald's burger in Holbrook, and a long trip across New Mexico, that isn't over yet......

And thanks to the many folks that reassured me that our builder will be fine without my scrutiny!!  I am working on my emotions and perhaps will need a twelve step program before its over......... LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Have a safe trip home Rod, Were also heading home but at a 300 mile a day pace. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. I know how you feel...I am always in a hurry to get home for some reason and I tend to miss things on the way. Safe travels and enjoy!

  3. You're making pretty good time and I'm betting you'll be sleeping in your own bed tonight!

  4. butterbean carpenterApril 29, 2012 at 12:41 PM

    Howdy Rod,

    Just to make you happy I'm going to have a different opinion about something..
    It's toooooo hotttt and sweatttty in KC... I'd rather dry up than melt!!!
    Drive safely and stop if you need to rest; they're are nice things in Kansas to look at, such as ?, ?, ?, anyhow there are, somewhere!! Liberal!! I knew I'd think of it!!! We ran a pipeline out of there!!


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