Sunday, April 15, 2012

Storm Warning tonight, and Arizona progress.

A significant severe weather outbreak is in the Plains, and is expected to continue through the evening. Expect severe thunderstorms that can produce large tornadoes and softball size hail.

Kansas City is right in the corner where all those Red watch box counties stretch East over Northern Mo and Southern Ia. But sometime tonight it is all to track East over us as well. The sky is totally unsettled and boiling with nasty clouds here and now it is dark and can only be seen with the lightning. I think Red boxes are tornado warnings.

So while I haven't gone to the basement yet tonight, that doesn't mean I shouldn't. So while looking out from under a rock, I will continue this post......

We had the progress eMail pictures from Mesa today so I will copy them here:

From the street

The entry way.

Garage with water heater platform and water softener loop.  Also optional door into the back yard.

Laundry nook just in from the garage.

Guest bathroom tub.

Master bathroom shower.

Master bath toilet  plumbing.

I think that's the front door we're looking out in the distance.

The realtor lady knows that I am interested in the wiring and plumbing and hvac, but doesn't understand anything about what she is looking at.  So she sends me pictures of pipes and stuff.  But not the electrical panel or the central ac unit or the main water manifold.  Just random pictures of stuff...  In this last picture, if she would have just turned around and taken the picture the other way, we would have seen the ac and furnace unit that was directly above her head.

And that would be why we need to go back and do the walk thru inspection with the project foreman before the drywall goes on........

I didn't see any low voltage wiring in any of these pictures, and next we should begin to get some outside black paper and foam insulation.  After that the chicken wire goes in that holds the stucco.  Somewhere around that time will be the insulation in the walls.

After that the drywall will be next.....  Loyce get your hat!!

Retired Rod


  1. I like the fact that everything is so new:))

  2. Looks like they are doing just fine, you will have a nice new home in no time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Rod looks great...always like to see a new house come together...thanks for sharing!

  4. Looking good, Rod. But, they sure need you down there inspecting just to make sure everything is done right!!


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