Monday, April 23, 2012

Record Temperatures

Mesa reached a historic temperature this afternoon when we made 106 F or 41 C for several hours.  We had worked on clearing out the utility trailer in the morning, and had the scooter out and most of the stuff out on the ground as well.

Loyce worked on sorting our stuff while I loaded things to stay here in the truck.  We got most of it complete, but the temperature was reaching 97, so we quit.  We went in the AC and busied ourselves in just cooling off.

As the afternoon progressed, the temperature in the motorhome climbed as the temperature outside climbed.  At 106 official airport temperature,  we had about 84 inside, and the AC was running without stopping. Our temperature gauge here on the coach said 108.  It has always been most accurate so we feel it was correct today as well.

As the sun went farther into the West, we came out and headed back to the storage building. We loaded another big pile of stuff into the compartment.  It was still overwhelmingly hot so we never turned off the truck as we ducked out of the heat into the cab.

Next it was back over to the new house.  We had several questions to answer as how the water piping  worked.  If we can understand these things prior to our meeting with the project foreman, we will be able to ask informed questions and make good decisions.

It took until well after dark before the temperatures began to fall, and the news programs on TV were all over the new records that had been set.  I can't help but wonder why we seem to be present for all of these events.

We had this same temperature last summer when we were up in South Dakota, and we were traveling.  The ACs couldn't keep up then either, but we stopped at a park and got hooked up to 50 amps under a shade tree.  There is no shade here but we didn't have the heat of the engine to overcome either.

Its not supposed to be as warm tomorrow, but we will almost make 100 again.  Stay tuned for more records to be broken.....

Retired Rod


  1. Wow the house is really coming along isn't it?

    I am so glad not to be in that kind of heat.


  2. It's hard to imagine construction guys working in that heat. Hope it cools down to 100F or so today!!

  3. It was a hot one yesterday for sure. We were out playing Bocce Ball with a group of neighbors in Scottsdale and I didn't think we were going to make it through the game. Your new house looks great!

  4. I guess I don't see the benefits AZ over KS. You're gonna miss the t'storms, mosquitos, fireflies, southwinds and stuff like that, not to mention the high temps with the high humidity KS is so well known for. I'm scratching my head as I'm typing. Long time reader but seldom post, but you got my attention on this one. Chuck


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