Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yep, we drove straight on thru to Az!

I said I wasn't going to do it, as there would be trouble registering at the RV resort, but don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain...........  Remember the wizard of Oz, LOL....

And we were somewhat certain that our watch was on Mountain Time when we left the Motel at 8:30 this morning, but then what time is that in Arizona,  but are they ahead or behind.......  Oh, yeah they are on with California in the summer......

We buzzed right over to Albuquerque before lunch, but after yesterday's dismal luncheon, we stopped and purchased Subway to go.......  Of course half the sandwich didn't make it 10 minutes, but we really did wait until about 2:30 to eat the second half........  Somewhere around Gallup we called the Valle Del Oro, and they said it was no problem and we didn't need any reservations as the park was empty......  Just get here before dark and the gate guy would park us.

Well then OK we drove right thru Holbrook at about 2:30 regular Mountain Daylight saving time......  It takes about three hours to go over the next mountain to Payson and then descend down into the valley that Phoenix and Mesa are in.  By now we were somewhat beginning to think on Arizona time, without the daylight saving bit.  So by about 5 Az time we were in the storage lot starting up the motorhome.......  It was HOTTTTTT!!!!

As we drove down the big hill from Payson, the temp on the gauge went out into orbit..  From the 73 up in Holbrook, it went to 97 as we entered the town of Mesa.   The motorhome gauge read over 100 just sitting in the parking space, before I started the motor.  Must have been 120 inside.  Didn't take too long to get the genny started and booth roof airs going.

But the trouble began as we reached the gate guard shack here at the VDO park.  Yes, he could register us, but it took cash and he had to have three days worth because the office doesn't open until monday!  We tried to explain that we had money on deposit with the park, but even after he made a couple of phone calls, the only answer was to go get cash out of the bank vending machine over by the new house......  This place has rules, and then more rules...... Perhaps that is why we want the private house....  Heck there's no one here hardly, park models are empty too.  But gotta go by the book!

And to add insult, he somehow did look us up and knew to put us back on the same spot we had last winter.  But he couldn't look up anything remember and couldn't take our credit card.....  Loyce was loosing her patients and I wasn't too happy either.....  But we had just driven 1200 miles in two days so I think we were mostly just tired......

Tonight we did go out for a sandwich since we have no groceries at all, and then drove over to the new house in the dark.....  We sat outside for a while but couldn't stand it and had to go inside in the absolute darkness.  We could make out room to room but couldn't see too many of the details.....

It seemed exciting just the same.   And every lot has a house on it now in various stages of completion.  What a change from the empty expanse of lots we chose ours out of only two short months ago......

I was just outside, and its still 81 out there.  Booth A/Cs are blasting along at full bore.....  Its midnight on my watch, but I can't remember if that is daylight, or Az time.........  Well I'm tired anyway so good night.......  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Probably seemed exciting because it was exciting. I love that kind of excitement. How great to break the routine & head off across the country on another adventure of sorts. I totally understand driving over to the new digs & despite the darkness, getting out & walking around the yet to be completed house having a look at things. That's the kind of excitement youth is made up of.....remember those days:))

  2. No what you mean we just did the Dardenne Prairie to Inverness marathon ,980 miles in 2 days, you do sleep good at the end of the day though. I'm sure your new digs will be just fine. Get a little liberty timne while your still there. Sam & Donna..

  3. You would think they could bend the rules once in a while for late arrivals.

    Joe and Sherri

  4. Jeeze some people lives are run by following the rules.

    Not me. How boring. I can't wait for pictures of the new place.

    Hope you had a good sleep.

  5. Hope you had a good night's rest and that it's cooled down somewhat inside your rig. Give some guys a bit of authority and they lose all sense of 'common sense' judgement. Idiots!

    Looking forward to hearing about your visit to the new digs - in daylight!

  6. I don't like rules and never did. Especially dumb rules that make no sense. To find out what time it is wherever you are, you can just check your cell phone. It usually adjusts when you cross a time zone.

  7. Keep Biscuit cool. That kind of weather is hard on dogs (and people).



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