Sunday, April 22, 2012

Restaurants and High Temperatures

The old sun came out this morning, and the air conditioners fired up into life  and haven't cycled off ever since.  I put the awning out to keep the sun off of the passenger side of the coach, but we don't have any window awnings on this cheaper rig like the big boys do.

We didn't have any groceries at all, other than a few bottles of water and a couple of cans of diet pop, so it was up to Ihop for breakfast.  We had a sample platter, which was the breakfast equivalent of a meat lovers pizza.  Ham, sausage links, bacon and eggs...  with hash browns and a couple of cakes thrown in for good measure......  No lunch required for me after that bad boy...

We drove by the house after that, but workers were there finishing up the stucco lath and chicken wire.  We signed a paper stating that we wouldn't go near workers or be on the sight when they are, so we just drove on by.

Next it was time to go and rent the small storage locker to store all the stuff that we brought down here with us this time.  We had the truck quite loaded, and will continue to bring stuff each time we travel.  It isn't realistic to think we can purchase everything for this new place new.  Perhaps we will be great garage sale shoppers when we come back this fall.

But with a small storage locker, we can put things in as we get them before the house is done.  We had to sign up a bunch of papers and put on a lock.  Then after learning our new gate code, we drove in and emptied the truck.

Loyce went over to Wal Mart and purchased a few groceries, so we can make breakfast tomorrow, but by then the temps were above 95....  We came home and burrowed into the AC.  High afternoon temp was 102 or 39 C at the airport weather station 5 miles South of the RV park.  It began to get hot in the motorhome even though both ACs were running all the time.

Eventually, we went back over to the new house and Loyce walked Biscuit around the neighborhood, while I studied the wiring and plumbing inside.  I took about a zillion pictures, but they are still on the camera card.  I will get some edited and up in the next day or so.

Later tonight, we went over to Fuddrucker's for that famous small third pound burger.  Loyce likes their grilled chicken salad  and we came away stuffed.....   Not a small food day to be sure....

Forecast for tomorrow   104  and I think that is 40 C.  Yeow!!  In April????  Wonder what the summer will hold for this desert as far as temperatures this year..................!

Retired Rod


  1. I have furnished our Arizona place with all second hand stuff. It was not realistic to by new and if we ever sell I don't think we will haul it all back to Canada.

    You can get some good stuff out there.

    104 or 40 Yikes to hot for this Canadian Girl.

    Take Care and Take some damn photo RoD

  2. Sorry I missed the trip to Fudd's, but I am with Brenda, once it hits 30C I am heading for the North country. I think you guys must be setting a record for having the most storage agreements.

  3. We pretty much stayed inside yesterday and except for Church, the same for today. But it was real nice sitting outside last night. A slight breeze. I'm trying to look on the good side of this really miserable heat.


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