Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Fireworks Tonight!

I think everyone in this neighborhood just turned out the lights and went to bed.  Right from the start, Kansas looked like it was overwhelmed with the play of Kentucky.  And while the game plan all year was catch up ball, that wouldn't be a good plan tonight.

So National Champion we are not tonight, but first runner up we are.......  And when the kids wake up in the morning, perhaps the magnitude of their accomplishments this year will see them thru until another season begins.

Our day here was a bunch of paperwork while I determined the first of the month bills and went on line to get them paid.   We never did hear from the builder people today, so I have no new pictures from the construction site.  I would speculate that the rough in is complete at this point and the roof folks are unrolling the tar paper.  I have no confirmation of that fact though.

I was told last week that the sales folks have been told not to promise any new completion dates to potential customers this summer, and that prices on our home have risen 13 K since we signed.  Also every lot in our portion of the sub division has now been sold.  Even though people have paid the down payments, they will have to wait for their turn to begin the project.

Wow, that makes it sound like we were lucky to have made a fast decision and sign the papers when we did.

Around here I went out in the afternoon heat and rode the red scooter over to Wendy's about the time we reached 86 degrees this afternoon.  The humidity has been about 70 percent all day so it felt warmer than it really was.

After the late lunch, I rode over to my son Chris' house to see the new floor project that he is currently working on.  Their ice maker ran water on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night and ruined their old wood floor, so he has been working diligently on the replacement.

Riding the little bike is quite a let down after spending so much time on its big brother, but its only for a few weeks............. I keep telling myself.......!

Retired Rod


  1. We were hoping for the best last night, but not to be. Glad we didn't make the drive from Oklahoma to Lawrence for the festivities as we had planned. Our son was there at his in-laws with lots of relatives watching the game ready to hit the streets for the partying. Guess they got to go home so they could get up and go to work this morning! Enjoying your posts and travels. I am a Kansas girl and graduated from Wyandotte in KCK! Now, talk about basketball champions!
    Back in the 60's.............!

  2. Sounds like your new house price is going in the right direction. Hopefully, that's a sign that the housing market is finally starting to improve in the southwest as well.

    I watched the game last night and it just seemed Kentucky had a step up right from the start. Good effort by Kansas though!

  3. good thing you did decide and sign when you did..this way your at the start of the line and not the back :)....


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