Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Darned Yard, and Huck Finn.

OK, for Sandie, we haven't returned to Arizona yet, because we haven't heard anything from any of the builder's people telling us they are ready for us to return.......

But I was comparing the fact that we are in the 60s here in Kansas, but when we return, it will be really hot down there in Arizona.  We have never been there when it is so hot.  But we did go to South Dakota during the hottest week of the summer last year and we camped and traveled in 108 so we mostly think we can do it again.

We have talked some about where to camp, but will likely go back to Valle Del Oro as we have money deposited for next years camping, that we won't be using.  Perhaps we can take that out in trade for camp site rent now.    If we ask for money back, they will take $50 off of it rather than give us all of it back.  We'll have to see how that all plays out.  Also Loyce has a laundry card that still has money on it and we would like to use it up.

I said something about going back to Golden Sun to save some money, but Loyce just groaned at that one.  Their lots are soooo small, and they don't have any place to potty your dog unless its right outside someones door.  When we were there, the rains filled up the dog park as it was where all the run off water went during the big rains we had.  It also doubled as the tennis court and the shuffle board court.  All of it in the bottom of the water run off pit.

But I know it won't rain while we are down there when its 100 outside.  Well unless we get to the late summer monsoon season.  At least there won't be a trailer on every lot now that it is beyond winter season.  I know, maybe we should camp at the Wal Mart in AJ...    That would be a hot steamy night or two.

Here in KC, it was yard work day.......  And I hate yard work...  Will be glad that the Az place will be all rocks and desert stuff.  Won't have to mow that every week, LOL...  Just Round UP the weeds and stuff that grows that we don't want.  We do that at the lake too.

But for most of the day, we started with the mower and mowed and then trimmed.  My neighbor across the back yard has had trouble with his lawn mowers and hasn't decided how to get them fixed.  He was out with the walk behind but it was barely running and the grass had never been mowed yet this year.

After mowing ours, today I went over and made some hay out of his yard.  I didn't ask, as I knew he wouldn't let me mow it, but rather knocked it down before he knew what was happening.  He again attempted to mow some of it with his broken mower, but mostly he was just trimming the parts I couldn't do with the tractor.

After that, I went to Lowes and purchased ten bags of brown mulch.  Had to load them into the truck and then out again here at home.  That still makes the surgery bark, as they weigh about 40 pounds a bag.  It was late in the afternoon by the time that was all spread in the flower beds..  Its kind of like spreading rock.  Dump it in a pile and then rake it around until it looks right.

Much later in the afternoon  I made it to Wendy's for that burger......  And I was physically bushed.  So the rest of the day was spent reading a book on the computer.  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn!   Remember I read Tom Sawyer last winter, so I had to read the next book in the series......   And again every other word is the N word, because the fellow that traveled down the river was a slave that ran off from the house where Huck was living as an adopted child.

Huck couldn't stand being in a house or having to wear clean clothes and going to school and church, so he went off with his father.  Or rather his father kidnapped him......  But eventually he got away and headed down the river, finding the runaway slave from the old house.  They referred to him as the N....r Jim.  Repeatedly.  It was just his name.  Boy times have changed....

If you enjoy something written in broken vernacular, this ears the book ferran u!

The day just slipped away, once I was on the computer.....LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Rod, I have been in Arizona during the warm season....You will not have to worry about it being "steamy"......In fact it will be so dry your skin will scale know "dry heat"

  2. seems you keeping very busy...hopefully you will get some 'house' news soon...hope all is on schedule...

  3. It's just after 1pm here and seeing how much work you did yesterday, I guess I'll just have to go out and push my mower around the yard for a while. Like they say, the grass isn't getting any shorter.

    As for the book..... times certainly have changed, for the better I'd say.


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