Friday, April 20, 2012

We left the home front this morning.......

Well now, I see that I am up to my usual old self, as my posts are so exciting that I lost a follower yesterday.....  LOL  Must not be too interested in my piling of junk out on the curb.  But I was excited to pile it out there, because after I finished the blog last night, I went and piled even more old electronic stuff out side.  You know, it was dark and the pile only looked a little bit bigger........... A couple of laser printers and another old computer box.... I keep remembering how much that stuff cost back in the day......

But we will never know if the neighborhood rummage picker uppers will get it before the actual Junk Guys on Saturday, because we didn't hang around long enough to find out how it all goes.

This morning early, we piled a bunch of stuff into the Ford Pickup and filled her up with gas and left town....  Like as though we couldn't stand it anymore, and needed an Arizona fix.  So..... tonight we are in the Motel 6 in Tucumcarri, New Mexico.  That is about 600 miles away from Overland Park/Olathe, Ks.

We did get the call to come back for the open wall inspection, but really don't need to be there until the middle of next week, but our curiosity to see how it is coming along is killing us........  Again, Kansas is a long way across, when you leave from the Northeast Corner and head to the Southwest corner.

But it didn't seem like so far today, because we are now quite accustomed to the towns and where things are.  But we haven't quite got it down as to finding favorite burger stops and such.  We ended up eating deli sandwiches from the quick shop gas stop in Greensburg, Ks.  Its not that bad, but still leaves a lot of room for improvement...

We hit Dalhart, Tx about 6 PM and folks were heading home or somewhere because the streets were loaded with country Cadillacs.  And of course we were driving ours too, so we just fit right in.  Our truck is registered in Missouri at the Lake place so we even appear to fit the bill.

That has to be, because we had to have a truck with insurance in Missouri in order to have boat trailers registered in the state.  And it gets really confusing because then Kansas wants to have the truck registered in Kansas but won't register the trailers because they are in Missouri...........

Hey maybe we should register a car in Arizona,,,, that could add to the laughs!!

Well anyway we are headed back to the motorhome and will get it set up on an RV lot and become Rvers again.  But first we have another 600 miles to get back there....

Maybe we won't drive it all in one day because we will have to find a spot and get registered and they
don't do it after quitting time on Friday nights......

Stay tuned and we will know more tomorrow....

Retired Rod


  1. I haven't been taking notes, so I've lost track of all your "stuff".
    *head spinning".
    Truck here. Boats there. Cottage, RV. House, second house. There's more. I know.

  2. Looks like you had a full travel day like we did, Hope your trip is fun, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I'm glad you are going back to check on the status of your house. I know it would drive me crazy to have to wait and not actually see any of the construction as it is going along.

  4. Gee - couldn't you have picked a hotter week-end to head this way? We're going to break records you know. Be safe.

  5. Drive safe and try and stay cool. I hear it is going to be in the 100 this weekend.

  6. Safe travels in your 'Texas Caddie'. Hope you find some good burger joints along the way too.

  7. drive safe folks...hope all is well with the house upon arrival....


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