Friday, April 27, 2012

Rains just as forecast

We received the rain storm here in Mesa just as it was forecast!  That in itself is somewhat of a miracle here in the desert.  We often dismiss any forecast of rain as not gonna happen!  At first it looked like that would be the case again as we got about 20 drops of rain and a slight bit of wind..

But  then the skies  seemed to clear up and the day appeared to be well on its way to sunny.  That's when we headed out for camping world over in the East end of Mesa.  As we were headed West on the superstition freeway, we ran head long into the wall of rain.

Big droplets that immediately covered the road and required wipers.  It rained heavily for about 2 hours.  We were looking for new tire covers to go over the wheels in storage again, since we plan on leaving the RV here again for the next couple of months.  Of course camping world had all sizes and colors.

We drove back past the locksmith on Main street over by Mesa Spirit RV resort and had a funny key made for our lock on the storage facility.

By the time we came back home, the rain event was over.  It did take several hours for the skies to clear and things to dry up, but tonight it is just like it never happened, other than the fact that the dust has been washed from all the vehicles.

In the afternoon we went back past the new house on our way to Wal Mart and found that the winds associated with the rain had damaged the styrofoam and chicken wire lathing that is on the front of the building.  It also ripped several sheets of the tar paper from the roof, so hopefully it will be repaired before construction continues......  See why I want to stay here and see to it that stuff is correct.......  I just have to trust!!!!  Something I'm not too good at....

Anyway the temperatures after the passing of the storm are now in the 70s and things around here couldn't be any more pleasant......

Retired Rod


  1. I'm not a very trusting fellow either in many areas but when it comes to something like building a house or repairing an automobile I have far more trust in the professionals doing the job right than I have in myself trying to do the same work. Wouldn't bother me a bit to sign a contract to have a house built & then come back 6 months later, walk in, sit down, put my feet up & enjoy the nice new surroundings....professionally done.

  2. Making certain the storm damage on your new house is repaired properly will insure that you won't have problems once you do move in. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Yesterday was a wild one here in Arizona for sure...I had left the vents open in our rig going on the same assumption that we would only have a few drops of rain and was surprised to find some puddles inside when I got home.

  4. Definitely a humdinger of a storm. Scooter didn't like the thunder at all. But it felt so good to have some rain.


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