Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yep, this building a vacation house here in Mesa isn't overly interesting, as we lost another follower again today.........!  I think it is because we haven't much to take pictures of other than 2 by 4s and you can only stand soo much of that.......

It was overcast this morning, and I thought it should be cooler to go along with that, but the ACs came on early in the morning and never shut down much again.  And as I went out to take Biscuit up to the doggie park it was almost 90....  Then the sun came out for a while just when we needed to go to the house inspection.

We met the foreman, and started right in on his inspection.  Inspection really wasn't what he wanted to do......  he had it all inspected every time he went there.  And he was certain that we were ready for the dry wall, but he wanted to explain it all to us.

So we followed him around as he explained every switch and wire box.  We learned about the fresh air handling of a special duct from the outside, and a vent fan in the master bathroom that runs for 10 hours a day changing the air in the house.

I learned that because the house is so sealed up and tight with foam and insulation that it requires fresh air to be piped in.  This goes into the HVAC to be conditioned and then out into the various rooms.  Then this vent fan automatically expels air from the back bathroom.  Like I said, I am learning.

It took an hour and a half to go thru most all of the wiring and plumbing.  It was 97 again while we were doing this, and I was becoming a tad hot.  Loyce finally gave up and went and sat in the car with the dog.  And with the AC running too.

We didn't find any glaring errors, but then he already knew there weren't any of those.  This fellow is good at his job.  So why did we need to come out here and look at this anyway....??  Perhaps they are selling peace of mind,   that they aren't just covering over mistakes with wall board.  They'll never know, kind of an attitude.  This is the sixth new house that we have built over the years, and we have never had any builder suggest this open wall inspection before the walls are sealed.

Well anyway we were back here at the RV park for the afternoon and it did become much more overcast and a little cooler as we went back to 93.  I hopped on the scooter and went riding all over the city.

This is the first that I have gone out of the RV park with the bike since we came back.  It has been way too hot before now.  But tonight we are to have rain so the bike went back in its trailer for the event.  Maybe it will get back out by Friday..........

Now its time to decide what goes home in the truck and trailer and what will stay with the motorhome.  That will be tomorrow's agenda!

Retired Rod


  1. I'm not sure how that "losing a follower" even works. Does someone suddenly decide, "Oh, I'm not going to follow, since it's too much bother"? I just don't get it. Can a person follow TOO MANY blogs? Maybe yours got squeezed out somehow?
    I punted someone off once, a long time ago since I wasn't particularly interested in having someone who appeared to go around the net and "follow" indiscriminately, so he got the flick of the finger.
    If it looks like they're selling something or maybe a little bit too whacky, they needn't hang around.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. My followers went down by one yesterday as well. Which doesn't make too much sense to me - seems like a bother just to take your name off a list.

  2. Looks like you chose a good builder, better safe than sorry later, hope you get back to cooler KC soon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I've noticed a lot of bloggers recently saying they are finding themselves with too many blogs to read, and I like to pare my own list down maybe once a year. And I think there are those folks who are mainly interested when you are traveling in an RV. I doubt if it's anything personal.

  4. My followers count goes up and down as well although I don't really track it. If a person deletes a blog from their Google Reading list, that can also remove them as a follower. I think a lot of times folks don't even know.

    I think that open wall inspection is a good idea it's just too bad it was so hot that day.

  5. sounds like you have a great builder and that he is on top of things...good show...we could use some of that 'heat' here Rod...we're freezing ..its a shock to the body returning home to the cold and wet weather...


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