Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Taxing Days of Taxes.......

I'm not so sure that I want to spend much time messing with this computer tonight because that is what I was doing all day.  Working with the program Turbo Tax, hunting all the nuances to make it print what I wanted for a tax return.  And then once I thought it was alright, running the auditor at the end........

Then being startled to find a big list of stuff that wasn't OK according to the program.  Then struggling again to clear out all the idiosyncrasies that were of my own creation.  Perhaps if I had gone thru the laborious process of answering all the questions of the interview then perhaps the audit review process wouldn't have had so many issues.

But that is complicated by years of actually doing tax returns with various forms of software professionally and my own comprehension of what a completed return should look like.  And as usual I let go of those ideas very reluctantly.

But one thing that helped me this year was only having to do one state.  We have managed to get all of the income to be sourced here in Kansas, and finally after 7 years of being outside of Iowa and Missouri, we have succeeded.  So doing the state was almost simple.  But as we find more of the puzzle in random 1099s, I'm certain it will have to be amended.........

But for now the big tax puzzle is over...........  Extensions filed and estimates mailed.

It was after 4 PM when I was finally mailing the returns and retiring to Wendy's for that celebratory burger. Celebrating that it is mostly over for another year, but it wasn't long as I went to Wal Mart to shop for some drink bottles.   Seems that I have left mine in the motorhome........

Once back home, I went sound to sleep for about two hours, and even then awoke to some TV watching, but no serious computer time!!

I did see on Facebook where Fillmore, Doug and Jo Ann's famous and faithful standard Poodle had passed away today.  For those of us who followed Doug's blog for many years, Fillmore was the center of many of his stories.  Doug passed away last summer from many years of battling   cancer.

I did get to meet Fillmore one night down in Tucson at the Diamond J campground.  We only camped there for a couple of nights, but Jo Ann graciously invited us over to meet them.  Fillmore was a card and immediately knew that I liked dogs and wouldn't leave me alone to talk with the folks.  He just kept bringing over his toys and wanting to play.  He just wouldn't be done with it.

After all, we had come just to meet him, and the fact that we needed to talk to his parents was only secondary......  May he play with his master Doug forever........

Retired Rod


  1. Awww Fillmore. I am so sorry to hear of Joann's loss of her dear companion.

  2. I too grieve whenever I hear of the passing of a loyal friend with 4 paws.Anyone who cam't recognize the love in a dog is sadly missing a big chunk of life.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Kinda funny that Doug's dog would not live any longer without his master...Almost like a human with a broken heart.


    Joe and Sherri

  4. I never met Filmore but have read a lot on the blogs about this very special dog. Very sad to see him go.

    Just wondering if you are required to mail your Tax Returns or if you can just submit them electronically? That's what I do here and if Revenue Canada has any questions or wants to see any documents later, they mail me and ask for them - that's only happened twice though and it was for claims for Tuition Expenses paid on behalf of our children.


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