Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clean up and Short pants!

We are having clean up day here in Overland Park, and the refuse folks will take stuff that normally would be rejected at the curb.  Soooo, I have been rounding up all my outdated electronic toys for the project.

Naturally they have all been carried to the basement as they were replaced.  You know the deal, we might need that later.......  Ya, right, shoulda dumped the thing right at the time.........

So I was making the stack of stuff out on the curb.  3 TVs, all analog of course, and can't pick up anything out of the air.  We do have cable here, but most of the desirable stuff is HD and up on the channels with a decimal point in their nomenclature.    And a few old soldier dead computers that are holding down desks in the basement ham shack office.  And a printer and an old fax machine that was all the rage back in the 90s......  Its stacked in a pile out on the curb now...

But that's when Loyce informed me that it wasn't supposed to be taken out there until Friday sometime. The neighbors probably think we are the pits here with our old junk stuff out a couple of days early.  I told Loyce to put it back in the garage if she wanted to.........  But that didn't happen.....!

I think I will go back down stairs and look around some more and see what other outdated stuff should be carried out there...   Of course I have a bunch of antique ham radios that have tubes in them, and are really not worth much but too special folks that like nostalgia...   Like me!  And no they won't be going anywhere near the curb, but I'm certain that Loyce will toss them the very moment I pass on!!

We had 76 here today, and it was sunny and quite nice for a little while this afternoon.  But tomorrow they forecast rain so perhaps my short pants weather will be Short Lived!!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. In our area (not here, back home in Burlington, Ontario) we've have a place called the "Reuse Centre". It's actually a business (much the same as the Goodwill, but people think that's a charity, it's not)
    Anyway, I've taken a lot of stuff to them. Some times I'll call ahead just to make sure they want it, since they only have so much room and sometimes don't want old computers or radios or whatever.
    I've gone in the front end of the place and looked around for stuff. I don't ever seem to find that "one thing" that I'm looking for. It's a great place to go if you're looking for electronic bits to scavenge though. I did find a drip type of coffee maker there that I couldn't find anywhere else. It's the type with the cone that sits atop the carafe, and you pour your hot water down through the coffee sitting in the fitre. Great for dry camping when you want to make coffee by simply boiling some water. Much quieter than a generator.

  2. Rod I know about all that junk that accumulates over time. I for one get rid of mine as I see its days have passed. Sherri hangs on to everything and we have an attic full of S T U F F we might need some day. I know it will all be trashed once we are gone. Oh well for now it is safe.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. I'm glad we don't live in your area... Bill's the ultimate dumpster-diver ... or sidewalk scavenger... or whatever you want to call it. I speed up when we drive past those give-aways sitting at the end of people's drives. I keep reminding him that our motorhome is only 27'... Good luck in purging your junk... oops... treasures.

  4. My son lives in Lenexa and they have the same day. It is quite interesting to see the trucks, vans, etc driving through the neighborhoods and picking up the "discards". Most of his pile was gone before the trash trucks arrived.
    We will be staying in overland park this weekend. Going to Jimmy Buffet concert and that was the closest room we could find!

  5. I'll be curious as to how much of your stuff disappears before Friday. Back at our old house, all we had to do was put it on the curb and it was gone. Loved it.

  6. They used to have days like that in Rancho Cordova, CA, and it was great. People drove around for several days in advance, and many items were gone before the pickup date. I wish they would bring it back.

  7. I have a room full of old computers and cables etc. that I should take to some recycling place too. But, I just can't bring myself to throw it all away just yet as I still have room for this totally useless stuff. Go figure!


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