Monday, April 30, 2012

Knocking Down the Miles...

Yes folks we are nuts!  We left Santa Rosa at 8:30 Mountain time this morning and kept the wheels turning all day long.  We caught some McD's biscuits in Tucumcari, and blasted on up to Texas.   There the time changed to Central time but we ignored it for the time being.

We buzzed right on thru Dalhart not stopping for anything but the traffic light in the middle of town.  I noticed it was after noon on Central time.  Church was already out!

We did stop at Stratford, Tx a few miles on North, as they have kind of a mini gas war going with the newest station in town.   We filled up brim full at $3.65!

In Guymon, Ok, Loyce decided on some KFC so I cooled my heals while she went inside.  The dinner about drove Biscuit wild, but she doesn't get people food unless she picks up something we drop.  I held on for Liberal, Ks, where I managed a small burger from Mc D's again.  I really don't like them and twice in one day is about all I can really stand........

Of course Kansas goes on and on and on.....  Again we made Pratt and headed up the diagonal Ks 61 for Hutchinson.  It still seemed like it was a million miles on home, but we pressed on.

We finally arrived here in Overland Park about 9 PM central time.  By now we had given up and changed the clock in the truck and my watch.....  Of course the phone and GPS take care of themselves.

It was a 12 hour driving marathon pulling the utility trailer to boot..   Somewhere around 640 miles....That's enough for a big day, and I will not go much of anywhere tomorrow, but we are home!  And do not have to sleep in the motel again tonight!!!   Yea!

Retired Rod


  1. sure covered the miles. Glad you are home safe and sound!

  2. Nice to sleep in you own bed and not a motel.

  3. Totally understand the long days on the push for home.

  4. Glad you made it, but that sure is a lot of miles for one day. I used to do it, but that was when I was 5 or 6 yrs younger.

  5. Yuup ! We do it also. Since we are really into workamping, we sometimes have gig's that are just a few days apart and we cover quite a few miles in a short period of time, grabbing a quick fast food chain meal as we go. This sometimes includes a brief overnight nap on a wallyworld, BassPro, Gander Mountain or Sam's parking lot. Our move from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the up near the Canadian border Sugar Beet Harvest is one such example.

  6. How the heck do you do all that AND manage to post a 'blog? By that time and afer all that driving, I'd be having serious focus problems. Sleep in 'til ...oh.. at least 6 AM. (smiles)


  7. Definitely nuts!!! Glad you're there safe and sound. Get some rest today.

  8. Long day for sure. Glad you made it home safely.


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