Monday, May 7, 2012

After the storm!

As I sit here this morning and look outside, the sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky!  That is quite a contrast to the lightning and thunder show of last night.

It seems that each year as the weather becomes warmer the hail and tornado band passes over us here in Kansas.  Last year it was earlier in April as we had a massive hail storm that wrecked all of our roofs and cars on April 3rd.  Our motorhome had $7 K of damage alone.

Last night after the tornado went on by, we had additional hail in about the size of a quarter.  It bonked off of the cars and house again.  It probably wasn't of sufficient size to damage the roofs and we will have to inspect the cars carefully.

Living in the Midwest is a lot like living on the target end of a shooting range.  You may get hit and then again they may sail right on by.  Its just something we learn to put up with.

This morning our lights in the upstairs hall and the bedroom that Loyce uses for her sewing room wouldn't come on.  We went all thru the house resetting the ground fault breakers that are in the various rooms.  Mostly the bathrooms.  That didn't help, as the lights remained out.

We also have a tier of breakers in the main box that are ground fault type.  So once down at the panel, I reset each of them one at a time from the top to the bottom.  We seem to have ground fault breakers protecting ground fault outlets.........  Not too sure what is up with that one, but perhaps some of the advanced electrical folks out in blogland can shed some light on it.  But now we have power upstairs again.

Anyway, its sunny and 70 after the passage of the cold front..

Retired Rod


  1. Rod you are sooo right about the weathermen.

  2. Rod - Glad to hear that your electric is back up and running. I am staying as far away from electrical issues as I can after I blew up my RV's converter this weekend.

  3. We sure know what you mean NOW about hailstones the size of ..well, BIG. Roswell had a 20 minute hailstorm with hail the size of marbles...and that was in the southern end. The northern end had so much rain in a hurry that all streets were rivers. So much for a drought.



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