Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back home means work.........!

I thought I would be reporting that we were totally dead today and laid around and did nothing, but that isn't exactly what happened.  We awoke at about 7 AM to the sound of our back yard neighbors out mowing their lawn.

They were the ones with the broken mower that I helped a couple of weeks ago.  They have a restaurant and perhaps the lady of the house felt she needed to mow the yard before going into work.  Well so much for sleeping in any later...  7 AM equals 5 AM in Arizona, so it still felt quite early..

We were only out there for a week, so really we shouldn't be that acclimated, but somehow just as we were becoming accustomed, here we are back here in Central time.......

Of course here in suburbia, if one neighbor mows their yard, that starts the fall of dominoes as each neighbor follows suit.  So by about eight, I was out there too.  It was raining yesterday so the normal Sunday mowing didn't happen for most.

After mowing, the truck and its full trailer was still sitting there... It all had to be put away in our overly full garage.  And then the Suzuki 650 scooter had to come out of hiding..  Remember I was riding the red 200 which is fine, but no where near the 650.  So once out of the trailer it had to go for a short ride, but it is still rather cool here so I chickened out and came back home.

Besides the trailer had to go back to the storage place, and my list was quite long after that too.

Its all too boring to go thru line by line so I will spare you, but when I came inside and started to catch up on the computer, my eyes drifted off to a nap..    Loyce was running the washing machine non stop all day as well.  The joys of the first few days home from a 12 day trip.

That scooter sat there all day waiting for me to quit being such a wimp and come ride......  So after supper the sweat shirt came out and I rode for about an hour.  Cool!!!  Literally!

As I was typing this, the heater came on tonight.  Its supposed to be May 1st.... We shouldn't need heat!    Then a bit of thunder was heard, good thing I mowed the yard today.....

Retired Rod


  1. I too came home to a yard that needs mowing, 2 acres worth,won't happen today as we are supposed to have thunder showers this morning. Glad to hear you got yours done. be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  2. I love not having a yard to mow! That is one thing we don't miss at all. Definitely not using the heat here. 90's all week but I seem to be getting used to it and it feels pretty good. The 650 was probably very happy that you broke down and took it out to stretch it's legs.

  3. Well it will still be awhile before we need to mow the grass up here on the Northern Ranges. Might bring the mower up just to clean up all the pine cones and leaves that are left over from the winter, but that will have to wait for another day as it is a little rainy here today. But as I always say it is great weather for the trees, and it was a pretty dry winter so we need a little moisture to get things going.

  4. Enough! Enough! I just walked in from outside and am 'sweating like a hog' after pushing my mower all around the yard for the past hour.

    To make matters worse, my neighbour was cutting his lawn too only he was riding around on his tractor! Woe is me!

    It's going to be a long summer, I can tell.

  5. even tho its wicked cold here we did have to mow the lawn...so we got that done today...but its cold...so no idea why its growing so fast...


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