Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Day and the Trip Home

We were up and had breakfast again this morning, as it was our last day on the water.. And that always turns into a short day as the pack up and trip back take the best part of the afternoon.

So we did just that, boat in the morning.  This time easing in and out of the various coves at slower speeds looking at all the places and folks out on their docks.  This seems to be a sport on LO as we have just as many Looky Loo's pass by our place in their "out for a casual drive" mode as well.

The big racer boats seemed to be gone from the lake today, but the wind was killer out of the South, turning over some rough choppy seas.  We hugged the South shore line allowing the wind to blow over our heads across the water.  Most of today was at about 5 miles an hour.

In all too short of time the clock was nearly 2 in the afternoon, and we headed back to wrap up the dock with all of its assorted covers and bungee cords.  After a quick lunch Chris and his crew was headed out for KC.........

We did manage to kidnap the 7 year old to keep us company as we drove back to KC.  As a newly finished first grader headed on to second grade, she kept us spell bound as she read aloud her Junie B Jones book as it has many various chapters about this young girl and her experiences about Kindergarten and First Grade....  It's a hilarious read, even if you are 60ish.....  We were amused all the way back to the KC home.  Claire dearly loves this book that her other Gramma gave her......!  Way to go Debbie!

Retired Rod

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