Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Progress in Arizona

We received a couple of pictures from the build site today.  Looks as though we are moving along.

Not sure that I would want to participate in putting the drywall on that vaulted ceiling!  Where the worker's drink bottle is setting is the pony wall that will be the front of the kitchen counter.  This space is the dining room and the living room.  The arched door goes back into the master bedroom.

I tried to lighten this up, but it didn't work too well. The garage is now drywalled and seems more like the focal point of arrival that it will become.

And I do see that the hole in the front styrofoam above the garage roof has been repaired and is ready for the outside stucco folks.    We are told that they won't start on the outside until the drywall is finished inside.

Nailing the drywall on inside tends to crack or knock off the stucco coating, so they wait until the drywallers are finished before working on the outside.  We have another couple of days before the muding and taping crew comes in.

They explained that it is slow acquiring folks in the dry wall industry to work on the new houses as many of these people have left the trade.  Because of this delay, they are not sure how fast the next few stages of work will be completed.

So I need to keep my shirt on around here and not get too impatient that work seems to be at a snails pace.  Remember we won't need this home until fall, and that is several months away still.

We had a beautiful day in the mid 70s here and were able to open up the house with screen doors open to the outside air.  We both worked  inside for most of the day, so perhaps tomorrow will be more of an outside day.

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod, I'd just like to say I like the fuel price locater on your page. I just used it the past few weeks while going from Wa.thru Oregon, Idaho and Utah and back.

  2. Looks like they should have it just about finished for you by winter. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  3. Rod...

    What type of HVAC with your house have. I know they use a lot of evaporated coolers out there. Is that still the main source of cooling?

    Joe and Sherri

  4. Progress is being made, even if it seems like it's going slower than you'd like.

  5. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing your finished product..

  6. I think Royce needs to work with you on this patience problem you have. lol Of course, it's not my house that's being built so I think it is really coming along nicely.

  7. Looking good, Rod. Nice to see the drywall going up. Pretty soon it'll be flooring and painting - should be done by the fall, don't you think?


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