Sunday, May 20, 2012

Salt and Pepper

Every year when we get packed up to go to Arizona in the fall, it is the same problem.  I want to take the motor scooter for the winter so I can ride down there.  It provides a second form of transportation on the days that Loyce heads on out on her quilt store shopping excursions.

Not that she is riding the scooter to the quilt stores though, don't be absurd........  LOL.  Anyway it causes us to add the towing vehicle  which is either our pickup or the motorhome.........  But what about if we just want to take the car down?  Or are we going to take the truck and then have to drive it around town all winter?  Just because I want the scooter down there..

Are we going to spend $800 worth of gas driving the truck back and forth while Loyce follows with one of the cars?  Then where do we park it when we are not driving it?  See all the problems this thing with the scooter is causing....

Then I got to thinking about my friend Jim with the fishing boat scenario......  He just bought a second fishing boat to leave in Arizona so he won't have to haul the boat back and forth.....  Yep, I need a scooter to leave in Arizona.....  But a new scooter is now over 10K...... ouch.

But I am in luck, depending on how you see it, as a fellow at the Suzuki shop has traded in his 09 Burgman for a bigger faster newer rocket......  He has go fast disease, as his nick name is Fast Eddie!

Anyway Fast Eddie's trade in is a white Burgman with only 4150 miles on it.  Like new.... I rode it and it seemed tighter than mine....  But then mine has 7K miles on it.

So on Thursday when I was feeling like I was on top of the world because the cancer is gone..........!  I went over and bought Fast Eddies white Burgman.....  I rationalized that I would take it to Arizona first thing and it wouldn't take up room in the KC garage for very long... and it cost a lot less than buying a new one......  But most of all, I won't have to haul scooters back and forth for 1200 miles each way...

The white color is really kind of an off white with some light cream color included..  So I have dubbed the bikes with the names of Salt and Pepper...  Since the red dust of Arizona stands out like a sore thumb on the black painted one, Salt will be the bike going to Arizona, while Pepper will stay here in the Midwest.

Really, since the time of use will be much less when we are only in Arizona for 4 months or so, the bike with the most miles should go there, (Pepper) but perhaps it might get traded for a newer bike when it gets too many miles on it.  Who knows what the future might bring?

I didn't get possession of Salt yet, as it has some work that needs to be completed, but when I get the two of them together, I will take a picture and put it here on the blog.  Now if only Loyce would take some interest in the scooters we would be all set, but then we would be getting a bigger trailer and hauling both bikes back and forth.......  Be careful what you wish for.......

But next looms the dreaded DMV as the title will have to be registered over into my name and the tags will have to be purchased......eww.....  So I will have to get an appointment and wait for two days for it to be my turn....  This is just crazy...

Meanwhile we both worked and worked around here at the lake all day, which doesn't make for much to report on the blog....  For my part, I ran the pressure washer on the floating dock.  It has a concrete decking material, and gets really grungy in the winter.....  I also started on washing the pontoon boat as well, but that will take another full day...

So call me nuts, but I now have a matched set of scooters.......Named, Salt and Pepper........!

Retired Rod


  1. Way to go. an Arizona Scooter and a Kansas scooter, some guys are just blessed.I wonder how I could have got that one past my CFO Donna. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Once you get the scooter hauled down to Arizona, you will save money by not having to haul it back and forth. It will probably pay for itself in no time!

  3. You are too funny. But let me tell you, I am so excited about not hauling that boat around I do a happy dance. We just need to get the Lund back to Montana and then we're done. I know you will be just as happy not to be hauling around that extra trailer.

  4. Maybe you should buy a 3rd scooter and name it 'ketchup'? One thing I still want to know is it still seems you have the problem of getting one scooter down to AZ in the first place? Who wins on that? The car, truck or motorhome?

    1. We will probably drive the truck and the trailer back to Az later this summer when we need to close the purchase of the house. Loyce is planning all the stuff that needs to be taken to this new house.

  5. Shoot!! Just ride the scoot to AZ and fly back. Dandy road trip!!
    Don in Okla.

  6. Just because I like hearing about your DMV trips why don't you register Salt down there at your Arizona place and then maybe put one of those maps on the side of your blog with all the states you have vehicles registered in. Just kidding but with Salt in Arizona maybe you and Loyce will be able to fly down for weekends and just use Salt for your local transportation. That is a picture I am looking forward to seeing as you guys zoom around the desert. LOL

  7. Salt and Pepper -- now you will always have a scoot that matches your hair----You could have named them Black and White but that would be another story!


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