Thursday, May 24, 2012

DMV Clarification!

Just for the record, in Kansas you can use the online system to renew your license tags.  But your insurance company must participate with the insurance lookup system so they can verify that you actually have a valid insurance policy..

But yesterday I was turning in a transferred title for a vehicle that had never been registered in my name before.  And the tags on the utility trailer were way over due since I was in Arizona with the trailer when the renewal was supposed to be done.  Both of these type transactions need to be done in person here in Kansas..

We are also in the process of changing license plates to a new design, and have been at this change for the last three years..  And as luck would have it, my oldest car has one of the old plates on it.  There again, they won't let us renew these old plates on line..  All of the rest of the renewals will qualify for online renewal.  So I will do what ever portion that I can on the online system, but that one old tag will have me back to the DMV in person next month too....

And no I didn't receive a call that they had yesterday's work completed.  And the unexpected shut down of the entire state's registration operation made the news in most of the large cities that have TV stations here in Kansas last night.

As for the oil change price, the scooters are surrounded with large plastic housings that we owners lovingly refer to as tupperware...  It takes about an hour to get the plastic removed from the outside of the bike before you can even drain one drop of oil.  Also the transfer case has three plugs that are quite tiny, and the oil must be installed thru small plastic fish tank tubing into the top little plug.  You put the bottom plug back in and add oil thru the top one until it comes out of the middle one.  Finally the rear end hypoid lube is also installed with small tubing.  It only has two plugs and you fill it up to the top one.  This is quite slow and with hourly rates being over $100 now, the billing has gone off the chart.

I knew it would be almost $200 to get this work done, but the extra hundred took me by surprise..  And  there is no Harley shop that would touch any Japanese motorcycle... no siree, not no ricer in here.........!!

Salt and Pepper

This might be a rare picture where the two bikes are together, since  one of them will become an Arizona resident.

In  Arizona the cupboards are now installed.

This final picture is the master bathroom since it is a taller cabinet and has the top cutouts for two sinks.

She took other pictures of the installations but I won't bore you with all of those.  We are quite appreciative of this gal going over and taking these photos, even though they are with her cell phone and sent off in a hurry.  She could describe things all day, and not have us understand as well as one quick picture..

Retired Rod


  1. Love the dark wood for your cabinets.

  2. You are really steping up in the world with this new house!!! Looking better every time I turn to your journal.

    Joe and Sherri


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