Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arizona house photos

We have some additional pictures from the Arizona house:

The realtor lady points out that we are formed up for the concrete driveway and front entry steps.  I also noticed the garage door has been hung and the windows now have their shutters.

She walked over to the front door and looked in to find the tile mechanic installing the ceramic tile on the floor.  We selected to have them installed on the bias, which makes for a lot more cutting along the walls, and is much more difficult to keep lined up all the way across the room.  It did cost some more money, but the price only purchased the additional tile because of the increased wasted cuts.  The poor installer evidently doesn't get much more for his trouble.  We thought it was kind of a neat effect.

This fellow is grouting the tiles that were installed yesterday.....  At least he was, as he seems to be missing in action.  If any of you have done any grouting, the prospect of having about 1200 square feet in front of you makes my knees ache.   So perhaps if he is off on break around the corner grabbing a smoke, it is well deserved.

This house isn't supposed to be complete until after the fourth of July, and they said mid to late July, but it doesn't seem to us that there will be that much to do to make it last that long.  But each of the trades must come back and do their finish work.  Electricians, plumbers, HVAC, counter top mechanics, blown insulation, painters, security installers and the yard landscapers.  So perhaps with only about 5 weeks we are right on target...

We are holding our breath that the roof gets completed in the fairly near future.  It only has tar paper on it and that won't hold off much in the way of rain.  But then I guess it really doesn't rain all that much in Arizona.  I do think the roofers are behind and should be back any day now.

Even then, I am watching the forecasts fairly carefully as we don't need one of those monsoon rains that fill all the washes and gullies in about a half hour.  I will be much relieved when a picture comes in with the roof installed....

Retired Rod


  1. Looking good! :) When you see finished pictures, you will be ready to head right over and move in.

  2. Weather guys are saying that the monsoons start the end of June so hopefully the roof will be done by them. But it sure is going to be beautiful.


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