Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday evening storms!

Its so much fun living in the South suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas!  As the cold front began to cross and chase out the heavy humid air here in Olathe, the storm sirens went off and blew for several minutes.

My son, who lives West of us about 5 miles was closer to the lowering that turned into a funnel cloud.  It never did become a Tornado because it didn't touch the ground, but it was quite close.  Chris captured this picture facing West along his house as the funnel roped its self out as it came over the city.

Its raining like crazy now and we had hail about the size of quarters.  The TV people are going nutty with the talking head type of coverage......

Retired Rod


  1. Yow! Stay out of THAT stuff! Best to live in the basement when those sirens call out.
    Sorry to hear that you're experiencing rought weather.

  2. That is one scary looking funnel cloud! I grew up in Arkansas, living in Texas some of my adult life--I'll take snowstorms in Montana any day!

  3. Rod, you call that fun? I call it terrifying! And, hail the size of quarters? Some fun!


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