Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We have more pictures from Arizona

Progress in Mesa..  These pictures were taken Friday night....

We have stucco

The new stucco appears to still be quite wet in the above picture.  I know it will dry for a couple of weeks before they come back and paint it.

The living room is bigger than the motorhome!
The walls of the great room here have been taped and mudded.  Then the texture has been applied as you can see the blotches or spotted effect.  Next they will be sealed and painted with the standard swiss mocha cream coffee color.

Changing that color to something else requires an additional charge of over $3 K.  Evidently they order paint by the barrel to make it way cheaper, but custom colors require the tinting of ordinary 5 gallon buckets and that drastically increases the cost.  I'm not sure I buy all of that explanation.
But I figured for $3K, I could hire painters to custom paint the interior any way we want it once we take possession. That way we will know the exact quality of the paint used...

Master Bath Shower
The light from the window didn't allow for much of a picture but this is the shower stall in the master bathroom.  You can see where the sink will be  by the plumbing that comes out of the wall.

Loyce's sewing room and walkin closet
We had one of the bedrooms eliminated and the resulting space is incorporated into several closets.  This bedroom gets a much larger walk in closet with a window.  Originally the bedroom had an in room closet with sliding doors.  Also the bedroom is enlarged by a couple of feet to make it bigger as well.

Here again you can see the blotchy spots of the wall texture before the paint is sprayed on.

As I understand it, this week the paint crew will do the initial paint application and then the finish carpenters take over installing the interior wood work.  I was told that by Friday they should have the doors in place and the home will then be locked at night.

Back here in Kansas, we put in a rather quiet day which included mowing the lawn again on the John Deere yard tractor.  The machine is almost too big for our yard as I am required to loop around several times in order to get some of the areas mowed in the smaller corners.  I do use the walk behind mower for the trimming, and it has a power self propelled option, but in the corners and up against the house the self propelled part isn't much good.  But it does beat pushing by hand ...

Later this afternoon, I went out on the black scooter  looking for that Wendy's sandwich.  And then I stopped by Chris' home to catch up on news from their side of the world.    Not much going on, but somehow I just couldn't get myself up for the DMV trip and a new license tag for the trailer.  But its got to happen sooner or later...

Retired Rod


  1. Coming along nicely. Shouldn't take too long to dry in our weather down here. 5% humidity and 106 yesterday. 104 today. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

  2. Great progress on your new home! Sure are high ceilings in the great room from the looks of it - are they 12' at the high end of the slope?

    Looking good all around. Would be much, much better though if you were there to provide personal supervision, Rod!!

  3. Definitely agree about repainting later. Most contractors paint is very low grade and only lasts approximately 2 years unless you have to wash it. Good Call. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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