Monday, May 21, 2012

Readers Ask?

Just for the record, we are back in KC tonight, and there was absolutely nothing remarkable about our trip home.....  But then we didn't want anything to happen that would have been remarkable.......

Rick Doyle commented today: "Maybe you should buy a 3rd scooter and name it 'ketchup'? One thing I still want to know is it still seems you have the problem of getting one scooter down to AZ in the first place? Who wins on that? The car, truck or motorhome?"

We will probably drive the truck and the trailer back to Az later this summer when we need to close the purchase of the house. Loyce is planning all the stuff that needs to be taken to this new house.  And there is no way that it will all fit in one of our cars.

As it now stands in our plans, we will be driving both the truck and the motorhome back to Kansas once we have possession of the new home.  And yes that should be a tad costly at the fuel pump.........Ouch.

Don in Oklahoma commented: "Shoot!! Just ride the scoot to AZ and fly back. Dandy road trip!!"

Don in an absolute heart beat!  If I wasn't 6 months from a dual major abdominal surgery.... But the way it is now, I could maybe make about 50 miles a day so the trip would take 24 days.. Better leave tomorrow!

And then JB had the thought: "Just because I like hearing about your DMV trips why don't you register Salt down there at your Arizona place."

Its too bad that the title for the new bike has to be registered in 30 days, because I would wait to register the bike in Arizona. But, since we will not have possession of the house fast enough, we do not actually have an Arizona address until we close.

That will have me transferring the registration to Arizona after I pay the sales tax here in Kansas.... Transferring will have to be delayed long enough not to have to pay any tax in Arizona, how ever long that is.

JB went on the observe: "with Salt in Arizona maybe you and Loyce will be able to fly down for weekends and just use Salt for your local transportation."

We are considering leaving a car in Arizona as well as Salt. So yes flying down for a couple of weeks or more will be an option. But remember how I had to ship a bunch of clothes when we came home this spring...? How is Loyce going to live out of her suitcase for weeks at a time?? Will she leave Biscuit behind?

Jenny J observes: "Salt and Pepper -- now you will always have a scoot that matches your hair!"

This is too funny, as the little Red Kymco is now at the lake, and the first thing Loyce said when I explained Salt and Pepper to her was "What's the Red one called? Hot Pepper!

And then Sam over in St Louis wondered: "I wonder how I could have got that one past my CFO Donna?"

Sam, I didn't ask for permission to buy this new scoot... I pretty much knew what the answer was going to be, so why ask? I am now asking for forgiveness, but perhaps that might take a while...

Anyway a bunch of great questions from the thoughtful folks that try and make some sort of sense out of our doings here in Kansas.... But the short answer is that we don't always think these things out as far as we should, and shooting from the hip has always caused a bunch of trouble, but then after some of the medical things this past year these problems seem rather small......

Retired Rod


  1. Your last sentence says it all--enjoy your life!

  2. Health issues definitely put a different perspective on life. It may take you a couple of trips to get all the kinks worked out but then it will just become part of the routine of getting here.

  3. Thats right Rod you only live once. I am sure Loyce has forgiven you already.. You are always welcome to use our address and then just change it when the time comes.


  4. Thanks for taking the time to answer all the 'superbly intelligent questions' from us out here in blogland. Don't worry, we'll have lots more to ask as your projects move along!

    You're right, compared to one's health, everything else is 'small stuff'!

  5. No one promised me tomorrow...So right on!! When we reach the upper #'s..Just do it...Within reason of course..
    Keep on letting us all know of your adventures.
    P.S. I have three snowmobiles, two boat...and the list goes on..My family can all enjoy them if they want when I'm gone, or the Salvation Army etc. can profit and help someone else out.


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