Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wal Mart Pharmacy and other places of endearment.

Another carbon copy day of yesterday here in Overland Park, Kansas......  Rain in the morning caused us to stay under the roof.  But since I don't do that very well, I had the scoot out before the streets were dry...

Just over to Wal Mart again where I found absolutely no one at the pharmacy counter.......  But the guy at the drop off window ignored me for about 10 minutes just to see if he could get my goat.....  And I did begin to get perplexed and once he could see that he had me, he said he would be with me in a minute......   ....... .......   ............................. .....................................................

What are you going to do, the script had to be transferred from Arizona so I just had to wait to explain it to him.  Then halfway thru the process, he decided that it was time for his break, and he left me to another gal, where I had to start all over...

And I was studying medicare part D at home on the computer before I came over here, and it won't get any better once I turn that magic age this fall..    It just seems like a bunch of buzz word gobbledy gook.  But I know I have to register for something during the enrollment period!!  Thank god they can't ask any health questions......

I'm not sure how, but I ended up on the scooter ride back over at my older son's home again this afternoon.  Then the younger son's place just before supper...  Where I learned that they are booth going camping out in central Kansas at a lake this weekend.  And our RV is in Arizona  oh well!

I made a home made Pizza tonight for supper, and it came out quite well.  Just Italian Sausage and triple cheese but simple seems to come out the best.  Made the crust dough in the bread maker, and that always seems to be good.

Wish I knew what was happening on the new house................?   Seems like I live to go back to Arizona.  But there  are no grand kids there, so get over it.

Retired Rod


  1. I just LOVE Wal Mart pharmacy (YEAH - RIGHT!!) They must all go to the same training school because that sounds like exactly the same treatment we get at the Walmart pharmacy here.

  2. We went back to Walgreens, 3 momth prescriptions and cheaper.Spoil those Grands while their young. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. sadly there is no customer service in this world of ours any more...its so sad...and it drives me nuts..I probably would have crawled thru that drive thru window and choked him...

  4. Yes NO grandkids there so GET OVER IT LOL.

  5. Yes, there is service at the old-style family pharmacies, if you can find one. I filled an Rx yesterday - 28 amoxycillin that cost me $.66. I couldn't have done any better at Walmart, and I found the pharmacists to be very friendly and on the spot, and they don't hide behind big windows!

  6. Medicare, part D? That sounds ominous. Don't tell me Rod, that you are signing up for socialized medicine? Who'd a thunk?


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