Friday, May 4, 2012

Medicare study, no Fudd's and Draft Horses

Today was a day of staying close to the house.  Neither of us left all day long.  I'm not certain why because I was going over to get that prescription that I left off yesterday but just didn't muster the courage to go do battle with the Wal Mart folks.  Perhaps I was really peaceful and didn't want to upset that attitude.

Seemed as though the computer was my friend all day as I continue to try and understand the ins and outs of Medicare.  And yes Rick, we all have to sign up for Socialized Medicine here in the States once we reach 65 years old, or else go completely without medical care....  Lord knows we have been paying medicare tax to our social security system for over 40 years taking care of everyone that is over the magic age, so perhaps for a few years we can attempt to get some of that funding back.

If I live to be 100, I'll never use as much as I have paid in over the years, but I guess that is just paying my fair share!  But even after several hours of reading and watching You Tube videos I am only marginally smarter about what all of these coverages and terms mean.

After school was out, my younger son brought the two oldest grand kids over and we had a nice couple of hours visit.  Once they headed out to get the third grand daughter from daycare, Loyce and I decided that we were hungry for some supper.

We don't have a Fuddrucker's here in this area any more as it just wasn't popular enough for them to survive.  Originally we had one out here on the South end of town and another in the old town area of Overland Park.  But first the new one couldn't keep the rent paid in the upscale shopping mall and then the older one was becoming scummy inside and the business just dwindled.  Short of building a newer building, I'm not sure what else would have saved it.

So as a sorely inadequate replacement, we now go to Red Robin.  They have a good burger, but charge dearly for the fixins that are readily available at Fudd's.  But then perhaps that is why they are successful...!  As the grand kids would say, Duh!  Even Red Robin used to give away gas filled balloons and that practice has now ceased.

But in their defense, they have never ending baskets of french fries!  The waiter never lets the basket become empty.  He brings them with the first part of your order, and the basket still had fries in it when we left the table.   Not that we needed all those fries mind you....  

So when we returned home we were stuffed and happy.....

Tonight it was more blogs, until I became side tracked reading a blog that was suggested by Al from Bayfield.   The Wagonteamster.  

This is about a fellow that has a team of draft horses and a wagon style RV.  Early on in his first attempt, he was hit by a fuel semi truck and injured.  It also killed a couple of his horses and demolished his rig.  But he has acquired another wagon and a couple more horses and is back at it.

There are several opinions about this in Al's blog comments, mostly citing that it is dangerous and not fair to the drivers on the road and to the horses, who don't have a choice in being put in harms way, but putting all that aside.............  It is very interesting to read his journal as he travels from one community to another.

It will cause the hours to pass rather quickly if you become entranced.  Especially if you have traveled some of these roads in your RV as well.  He makes about 15 to 25 miles each day and then has to find boondocking or a willing farmer to put him up for the night.  The horses drink 50 gallons of water each day so that causes problems in itself.  Especially in the desert.

So another day is gone, without any real accomplishments........

Retired Rod

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  1. Rod, I hope you live to be a 100 and never have to claim a 'red cent' off of Medicare!!

    Fuddruckers disappeared from around here years ago. I liked that place too.


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