Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cruising around and finding stuff closed.

I waited all day to go mow the yard.  It had quit raining in the middle of the night, and the skies cleared mid morning.  Sunny and bright for the rest of the day, but by 4 PM the grass was still wet.  The underground tube that carries the water out of the back yards was still flooded and that puts water on the surface like a stream.

But since I had started to mow all of the yard anyway, I just pushed on with the JD tractor.  It has fairly large balloon tires and doesn't make much of a divot in the wet yard.  The grass did clump up a bunch as the mulch attachment is installed.

That was about the only accomplishment here after spending the afternoon riding around trying to do some errands on the scooter.  Seemed like every place I went was closed on Monday or no longer in business.

I even rode down to the town of Spring Hill to see about the annual spring bike ride that takes place in June.  And the cycle store that sponsors it was closed on Mondays too.   So I guess I was just out and about riding the bike on a nice 74 degree afternoon.  The wind was out of the North and seemed almost cold.

This is to be our forecast for the next several days.  And that beats rain and temps in the 90s so I am not complaining......  Its too early to have to run the AC non stop...........

Retired Rod


  1. Don't know when it will be dry enough to cut out here. The ground is totally saturated and like your place I have standing pools 3 inches deep all around,even with big tires I got John stuck the last time and had to pull him out with a strap on the truck. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna......

  2. Mowing a lawn sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. So glad we don't do that any more. It's almost chilly this morning but back to the 90's later. I'll take the 90's over wet and cold any day.


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