Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kansas DMV

I wonder if things at the Johnson County DMV are not a little testy right now??  I have a small trailer license to renew, and have been trying to get an appointment for the last several days.  Seems that the office opens up at 7:30 and everyone is getting appointments on line and filling up the whole day all at once....

They are hopelessly behind the curve and can't catch up because they have a new computer system and it takes twice as long to renew a tag than before.  The State of Kansas has off loaded much of the work onto the counties.......  So, no wonder it takes longer....

This is the official post from them this morning.......

Johnson County Meets with State to Discuss Motor Vehicle Concerns 
JOHNSON COUNTY, KANSAS (May 16, 2012) — Johnson County officials met with the top officials of  the Kansas Department of Revenue in Topeka on Tuesday, May 15, to discuss the long wait times of customers and other impacts to Johnson County Motor Vehicle Offices following the implementation of the new state-wide motor vehicle computer system. 
The Johnson County delegation included Ed Eilert, chairman of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners; Vice Chairman and Sixth District Commissioner Calvin Hayden; County Manager Hannes Zacharias; County Treasurer Thomas Franzen; and Chief Deputy Treasurer Amy MeekerBerg.

They met with Nick Jordan, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Revenue; Kansas Director of Motor Vehicles Donna Shelite; the DMV Modernization project director, and staff from 3M Corporation, the state’s vendor for the new computer system.

County officials expressed their concerns with the new computer system.  State officials are considering possible solutions to address the County’s concerns and will respond to County officials by the end of this week.

To address the long wait times, Johnson County staff have been putting in long hours, and the County Manager has approved filling eight vacant positions in the Motor Vehicle Division.

Since the new system implementation, both Motor Vehicles Offices have had to discontinue accepting new customers by late morning each day. Motor vehicle transactions, including vehicle registration renewal and title processing, currently require twice the time to process since the system became operational on May 8. With the implementation of the new system, the State of Kansas has also transitioned additional workload to all 105 counties in Kansas. 

So there you have it, but I am not really sure how they have helped the situation at hand.  Hiring a bunch of new people that don't know a thing about registrations or the laws or how it should work.  That sounds like a good solution for the backlog of thousands of angry customers......

I was out for much of the afternoon making appointments for other things that need to be completed this month.  An official oil change for the scooter since the intermediate gear case and the rear gear case need changed as well.  Remember I wasn't too fond of the gear lube on the little scooter so perhaps a dealer change is in the works.

And then it was the eye glasses shop to make an appointment for the eye doctor.........  Who was on Vacation and won't be back until after the Holiday..  Doesn't anybody still work?

I guess not me, but my retirement was official some years ago..

Retired Rod


  1. After living in a town of 1500 people with a wait time of less than 5 minutes at the vehicle registration counter, friendly people who know my name--I'm not sure I could live in the big city again!

  2. Kansas needs to get with the program. Here in Ohio we can renew license plate tags on-line. It's quick, easy and efficient. There are a number of other things you can do on-line as well, I've just never used them.

  3. Hello from Arkansas City!

    Sure makes you wonder about that $4.00 per tag we've all been spending the last few years for this computer update doesn't it!!! I guess you have to expect a "few" snags with any new system though, but you'd have thought they be learning the new system while the offices were closed last week to get it installed and operable! But guess not...

    Good luck with getting your tag and your glasses so that you can see it!!!

  4. I had to laugh reading your story about the new DMV computer system for licences. I learned many, many years ago that when developing and creating a new computer system, if you start with a bad plan based on a bad manual system, then all a new computer system will do is to 'speed up the badness'!!

  5. butterbean carpenterMay 18, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    Do what I do.. I have four different size trailers, but ALL trailer tags say 'trailer', so I license the lightest one, it's also the cheapest, and just switch around.. Been doing it for years; haven't been caught, yet!!! Hope you get it done by October, so, you can go back to the HOT PLACE (Arizony)!!!
    I may change my mind about AZ/KS if those temps keep going UP & UP!!!

  6. The software that was chosen for the new modernization project was the lowest bidder. It is much more complicated and time consuming to do the most simple tasks. It will not get much better even after the employees master the new software. FYI. The drivers license offices are next in line for the new software.


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