Saturday, May 5, 2012

Returning to Wal Mart

I have to finish the story about the Wal Mart Pharmacy started on Wednesday...  I went over and stood in a short line and finally approached the window.   The lady found my bag but said it was going to be no charge.......  Oh Oh,,,  These pills are expensive and even at 20% they are $30.

I had to sign the insurance and then she wouldn't give me the bottle, but rather I had to wait to talk to the pharmacist...   He started in on the fact that there were only three pills in here and that I had to come back a few days later........  But I interrupted and said that I had left the script off last Wednesday....

I asked if the pills should be here by now.......  He didn't know........  After looking on the shelf where they are kept and not finding them, he began rummaging around in a bunch of boxes near the back door.  Seems that no one had put up the orders of refills since the middle of the week.  After about 15 minutes, he found the bottle that had the rest of my script.

Then he instructed me that I would have to come back.  I told him I would wait right here and sat on a bench next to the window where he was standing.....  It took about another 30 minutes before he managed to count out 87 capsules and make the label for the additional bottle.  Evidently I had to wait for my turn in his scheduled refills.

So after about an hour and a half, I had my pills and was on my merry way!  This is a refill of a script that was started last fall, and has been filled by both Wal Marts here and out in Arizona, so I had no other choice but to use them again.  My insurance company limits the pharmacies I can use to the bigger chains where they have deals negotiated.  No home town folks need apply!

I  tried to find out what has happened this week by calling the builder in Arizona this afternoon, but since my sales lady was off, the other folks in the office had no idea what was done this week.......  I was told to call back on Monday....  But even then I am to be prepared that she has been off for the weekend and not to expect that she will know much of anything.....    I really didn't like this salesman when I first met him, and had it been up to him to sell me a house, we wouldn't be building right now......

Retired Rod


  1. It seems that the only thing these insurance companies look at is the bottom line - not the service. I had a bad experience with a local chain drugstore used by my plan. We can only use the local store for a 30 day or less Rx - all others are by mail. I had an infection and went to pick up an Rx which my Dr had sent electronically to them.When it was finally my turn to be called to the counter, I was told they would give me 2 pills to get me through till the next AM and then I could get another 6 pills the next day and then on the third day I could get the other 32 after their delivery came. It seems they had such limited stock that that was how they rationed what they had. I called my Dr and had him cancel that Rx and send a new one to Target after I called to see if they had enough pills to fill it. Then a trip up the road and another wait and finally I could go home with the complete prescription !

  2. Hey Rod I can see a big sign in my crystal ball, it says Walgreens, here in MO there is practically one on every corner and they are nation wide, Donna filled her inhaler scrip in Inverness Fla. plus they push the 90 day refills, I left Walmart and never looked back.It's as though they are trained everyone waits at least 30 minutes whether the scrip is ready or not. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Simply amazing! How is it that Americans are willing to put up with an insurance company telling you which pharmacy you can go to? If the government tried that I'd imagine you guys would be throwing 'tea bags' all over the place.... I'm just sayin!


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