Monday, May 28, 2012

The Jet Ski is done!

Today started out much better when we went back to the Kawasaki Jet Ski dealer...   Our machine was up in the finished row and locked up so someone couldn't steal it overnight.

It was very busy for a Sunday morning, but it was a Holiday morning and folks were everywhere.  Once we got to the counter, our guy Buck said it would be $38.  I asked if he got the tool out of the bilge and was told that they did.

That seemed way too cheap for us messing the thing up like we did, but here in the woods of Missouri, they do not charge like over in Kansas City.........  I felt guilty and asked if they had the special wrench and purchased it as well.  They should make some profit from it  too.

Actually all they had to do was take the old filter off and put on a new one, as we had changed out the oil last fall before winter came.  But still this is a really good bunch of folks and I want them to still be here next year too.

On the way back home, we stopped by the North Shore Ramp and launched Chris into the lake.  The machine must be OK because he beat me home.

We spent much of the rest of the day out riding in the Pontoon Boat trying to get away from the massive bunch of traffic zooming all over the lake.  We call them the crazies.  They zoom right by you with massive 40 to 50 foot boats leaving wakes the size of tidal waves.  Try as we might, on the way back to the house, one of these nuts managed to cover us with an absolute wall of flying water.

We were drenched from heat to foot.  Now our boat is 26 feet long and has a big 225 horse outboard on it, so we can scoot right along too, but some of these ships weigh 25,000 pounds.  They have two big inboard motors and can flip small boats.  Their captains are inconsiderate and think the lake is just for them since they are the biggest boat. What ever happened to the rule that small craft had the right of way?

I did get in a scooter ride on the Red Kymco 200 late in the afternoon while the kids were taking their naps.  The traffic wasn't really too bad by 4:30, and I had a bit of fun buzzing thru the T shirt town up by the dam.

So Happy Memorial Day as you read this it will be Monday the official Holiday.....

Retired Rod


  1. Needless to say we didn't go to the lake here. Saw on the news that at Saguaro Lake they had to stop people from coming in because there wasn't any room for them. That's a whole lot of people. So far only one person has drowned and that was at Lake Pleasant. Did have a small fire at Saguaro Lake but they got it under control at only 2 acres. Beautiful weather but headed back to 108 so I am beyond happy that we are out of here on Wednesday. Have a fun day. And be safe.

  2. An Seabee like you ought to be able to get a deal on a couple of deck mounted torpedo's to take care those wake monsters.

  3. Why is it that so many guys get in boats and seem to think that there are no rules at all about driving? Idiots! I'm with JB, time for some heavy artillery!

  4. Happy Memorial Day to the Ivers! We love you!

  5. That's why I like the smaller Lakes where they have horsepower limits and no wake areas, plus ski lanes.Lake of the Ozarks used to have a reputation for very strict patrol and enforcement by the MO. Water Patrol, but I guess with budget cuts those days are over. If you need air support, let me know. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...


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