Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Johnson County Kansas DMV

Today was the day that I was scheduled to pick up the scooter that I call Salt...  And I needed to have its paper work and title processed by the Kansas DMV here in Johnson County...  As you know, we have been in the process of installing the new computer system for license tags here in Kansas so I knew this was to be trouble.......

I also need that tag for the utility trailer that was due way back in February, so I am up and on the computer at 7:30 sharp when they begin allowing checkins.  After a few attempts because there were too many of us all at once, I got a place in their waiting line....  The system sends out text messages to your cell phone as to how you are progressing, so you don't have to sit there all day.  But it said I was only 55 minutes back.  Cool!

I rode Pepper over to the Suzuki dealer and traded for Salt.  I left Pepper for an oil change....  Salt and I went to the DMV by way of a stop at McDonalds for a biscuit.  When I arrived, my hour was about up, only to find out that I was now 2 hours behind......... What!!

Well it  seems that the computer system went down yesterday afternoon and all those folks came back this morning and got a free pass to the front of the line....  And all of us for today had to wait....  I was still waiting at 1:30 in the afternoon.......  When the computer went down again.....  I was first in line to be helped next.........  My mouth fell open in disbelief!

It was supposed to take an hour to get it restarted, so I went to Wendy's for the little burger.  At three o'clock they still didn't have it back up and the manager started to run us thru the line taking our papers and information so we could be processed on a night shift....  I finally left the office about 4 PM without any new tags or registration.  But I do have a promise that they will call me on a will call basis when the paper work is processed.

Of course by now, Pepper is done at the dealership, so I ride home and Loyce and I return with the car for Pepper..  Seems that this oil change is quite labor extensive and the bill was $300.  Wow!  To change 4 quarts of oil and that rear end lube......  The motorhome wasn't much more than that, and it holds 17 quarts and has two filters......  I guess I never asked how much the bill would be, so its my fault on that one..

Retired Rod


  1. I never look forward to going to our equivalent of the DMV (Ministry of Transportation, or something like that), and we all thought it would get worse when it was privatised in the Province of Ontario a few years back, but it actually got better. There's no computerized system for getting in, and they seem to be able to issue stickers (tags) with whatever computer system they presently have in use. The only thing is, there are certain days when it's not a good idea to go. Mostly Friday afternoons or Monday mornings. It's close enough to our place that if there's too much of a line-up I just try later.
    I suppose your system will work fine if/when they get the bugs ironed out. Too bad you're in with the "test crowd".
    Good luck.

  2. Your Motor vehicle registration system seems to be a bit behind. For renewals, we have never to show up in their office here in New Brunswick, Canada. The miracle word is: Online renewals. And it works fine without sending out messages to cell phones and such.

  3. Tell your Kansas officials to look to their neighbor and we will Have a show Me training session for them, the last couple years we don't have to wait hardly at all here in MO. especially if you use a small town License office. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. North Carolina's DMV process was a breeze, especially if you went to a nearby small town. I don't think it has to be complicated, but whoever designed the software doesn't agree.

    1. Boy, am I gulag for small town Oklahoma DMV. If you have to wait 5 mins. It is a big deal.
      I am a KCK girl. Graduated from Wyandotte High many years ago!

    2. I did learn to spell at Wyandotte. That is supposed to be "glad" not "gulag".

  5. Sorry, Rod, but there's nothing better than getting up in the morning and reading a post about your trials and tribulations at the Kansas DMV. Then to top it off, you get nailed $300 for an oil change on a scooter? Some days it's just better to stay in bed, but if it's any consolation, and I'm guessing it isn't, you've made my day!!

  6. butterbean carpenterMay 23, 2012 at 11:30 AM

    Howdy Rod,
    THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! Sounds like the Feds have taken over Johnson county!!
    Here you just ride up to the drive-in window hand'em the paper work and IF the
    computers are up, you get it in a couple of minutes; IF the pooters are down it may be ??... I've done it twicst, when they were down... Why do you have to go all of the way to KC?? Why not in Olathe?? Oh well, it's a good excuse to ride the scooters!!

  7. butterbean carpenterMay 23, 2012 at 11:37 AM


    $300 FOR AN OIL CHANGE ON A SCOOTER??? I don't think they like you at that place! I garontee you one thing that would be the last of my money that bunch got!! 20 minutes time, including pouring the oil in; NO NO NO NO UNH UH!!! Take it to the Harley house next time, couldn't be any higher!!

  8. Yup, it's on all the Wichita news stations... big kawhooooee! I'm just hoping they have all the bugs worked out by September and time for us to renew because by then we'll be coming back from someplace wonderful to do it! =/

  9. Sigh. Well, I guess California is NOT the only place where the DMV promotes its own job security through scheduling glitches, thus putting yesterday's appointments tomorrow and the next day. And you might be better off finding a high school auto shop class to change your oil!


  10. we also hop on line here and just register via the in New Brunswick you get a 'thingy' to print off and the DMV just pops the stickers in the mail to you...meantime you have the thingy in case you get this system....wish we could do our drivers licenses online...sigh

  11. A few years back here in Alberta we had a wonderful premier who quickly grasped that the government works for the people not the other way around. Not only did he manage to curb public spending so we quickly got rid of our deficit, he privatized liquor stores and registries. Figured the private sector could do it better and what do you know he had it right. Although the government still takes a cut of the liquor sales, they control distribution, and I am sure get something for the registries us poor citizens get the convenience of going to a local spot to accomplish our renewals. This means no lineups, well once I had to wait for one guy, but you get the drift. Sadly that poor premier has gone on to other endeavours and we are once again saddle with a regular run of the mill politician. But I guess once in a generation to get a great politician is all we can ask for. It may take these other guys 40 years to get it all screwed up


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