Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost over!

Its mostly over here in Ohio. We have one more day, but we will only stay until mid morning. We have a ten hour drive to get back to Des Moines. Most of the guys have to be back to work on Monday.

This is always fun, but it is over. I have been a good boy and refrained from purchasing any big ticket items. This is a large dollar event, as many new purchases are made by hams for 2009.

I think that selling as a vendor, in a way gives, you the feeling of making many new acquisitions without actually buying the stuff yourself. I got to help each customer as they describe the installation of a new piece of equipment. Solve what parts are needed, and provide (sell) them the pieces. This job of helping, is satisfying. Of course you never really get to see the end of the plan and execution, but in a small way, you were there to help make the plan.

Tonight we came back to the room and just hung out. We went back over to Bob Evans restaurant, and had the home cooked meal. I had a country fried steak. Just right in size as I ordered the senior portion. Have not needed a single rolaid.

We have settled in for the night, and I need to turn out the light so my roomie can get some sleep, so see ya later as we get back to Iowa!

Retired Rod

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