Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scooter Shop

This morning I rode the scooter up to the shop in old downtown Overland Park. This is an antique shop and quilt shop kind of downtown. For those of you that are in Iowa, it is like Valley Junction in West Des Moines.

They have an area for the farmers market which is held twice a week, under a roof that reminds me of an old railroad station. Years ago the train did stop in Overland Park, as it was an electric commuter train called the Strang Line. Mr Strang started the commuter and also brought people to the Park at the end of the train line. That became Overland Park.

Now with all the shops, it is a quaint downtown, and has my Scooter World shop in it as well. They are having a rally this weekend, and expect 125 enthusiasts to show up on Saturday. If I wern't going to Ohio, I would go for the day. Never been to a biker rally, wonder if I could muster the bad boy attitude. We maybe not too bad since the club is named Mad Toto. After the Wizard of Oz.

But maybe just a little naughty, since the activity this Saturday is called, "Red Slippers my A$$!"

They kept the little Red Scoot, as they feel they will need to order parts. And I came home empty handed. But never to worry, I am headed to Des Moines tomorrow, to head out on Wednesday for Dayton with the guys. We will be so busy that the scoot will never enter my mind.

So I mowed the yard this afternoon one more time, and gathered all the stuff to pack. Went to the bank to take out all my savings, and had some fun with a younger bank teller.

The drive thru gave me twenties and I went around to the teller and asked him to "color me up." He looked at me with inquisitive eyes, and just didn't do anything. I said into fifties. I asked if he had ever been to Vegas or had gambled. He said noooo, so I explained that giving small denomination chips to a dealer for much larger denomination chips was called "coloring me up."

Changing the chips color to larger denomination chips that are easier to carry around. I'm not sure he understood, but was pleasant and changed the money. Kansas is fairly protected! LOL

Retired Rod

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  1. I don't think a scooter qualifies as a biker Rod lol but hey if you thinks so who am I to burst your bubble. Have fun with the guys and a big hello to Loyce.



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