Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lake Ozark Dam


Tonight at dusk we were at the Lake Ozark dam watching the open spillway.  The dam has been open for the last several weeks.  The water creates a spray that comes up onto the roadway when you drive over the dam.

We took the grandkids over to see the water since the gates are never open, but only for a week or two each year.  The next dam up river from us is Truman, and they are forced to hold some of the water back because it can not get thru our dam fast enough.  That causes flooding for Truman lake, so we have to be wide open.

I checked and we are at 659 ft above sea level, which is fairly normal, but the water on our sea wall is at least a foot deeper than normal.  In March we were so low that the feet on our dock were nearly on the bottom of the lake.  That is at least 6 feet lower than normal.  How much water is six feet of level that stretches 98 miles back to Truman dam.  They will use all that water to generate electricity.  Once they are able to close the spillway.

This was a play at the lake house day, where the kids swam and we rode for a while in the pontoon boat.  Tonight we were back to the Bar B Cue in town, since Ben and Danielle had not been there since last fall.

Our temps were mid 80’s but it was somewhat humid.  About perfect.

Retired Rod

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