Monday, May 11, 2009

Party at Mom's

Seems like it must have been Mother's day or something! At least all the kids came here tonight and made a fuss for their mother. Which is good since she thoroughly enjoys having the whole crowd here at once.

At one time she had all the kids at the table and was teaching them to play bingo. This past winter she wouldn't go near the community hall at the campground where they were playing bingo. But with the grandkids, that is all different.

I kind of veggied out all day, working some on the scooter in the garage this afternoon. I am taking it in again to have the turning signal and light switch looked at.

At first the problem was the turn signal not coming on to the left. But after they changed the switch, now the head lights will not do the momentary bright position when you are passing.

It somehow kills the entire headlights, even after you let it go. Then you are without lights no mater where you put the switch. Had to pull off the road completely when that happened. Kind of rattled the old novice rider here. Out after dark, in traffic, with no headlight. I got it to come back on, and went right on home without touching the switch at all.

I stopped by the shop on Saturday and asked about it but they didn't seem too concerned. Bring it by next week. They think I am an old duffer that doesn't know enough to even start the bike, let alone ride the thing. I have no business bothering them, because I am so stupid. But they seem to be able to take my money all right. They were friendly before they sold me the bike.

I am getting ready to leave for Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday, and the excitement is growing. A week with the boys. Oh my!

Retired Rod

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