Friday, May 8, 2009


Its funny how prior experiences seem to transform into expectations. I have had bad experiences with having to sign for packages that come by UPS or FedEx. You are never home, and they put a door hanger on the door with instructions.

You call and find out that the place where they have taken your package is miles away. So when I read that the plastic box I ordered, for the back of the scooter may need a signature, I went into this worry.

I was building all theses scenarios in my mind, solving how I would deal with them. Worried that the package wouldn't arrive until after I left for Dayton next week.

So with trepidation, I checked the eMail, to see if the top case had been shipped. I had two messages, and the second message included a tracking number. Yea so far so good.

The tracking number showed that it had been shipped, and went from Minneapolis to Des Moines. Then to Kansas City and Lenexa. But then it said nothing about being out for delivery. I thought it came thru really fast, so maybe they would hold it a day.

Ding Dong!!! But the UPS guy was already back in his truck by the time I got to the door. My Box was in a cardboard box and on my door step. Why do I worry about things that could be a problem, just because it has happened before?

Ordered Monday night and it was at my door on Thursday. Shipped ground, for under ten pounds as it was marked. It couldn't weigh three. And for only $15 in shipping. Oh and handling fee and extra profit. But remember I saved almost $40 by ordering it, over buying locally.

So I pieced the thing together and mounted it on the back of the bike. It looks good! It has a mounting plate that is bolted down with allen headed screws and acorn nuts on the bottom. The case slides under some tabs in the back and locks down to the mounting plate as well as locking the case all with one key. They call it monolock.

So off I go to see if it will stay on the bike at speed. It rattles! Not badly, but just enough to be heard and anoy you. The rattle is the lid of the case against the bottom half. No foam rubber stops just plastic on plastic. I'll see if I can put up with it.

I went over into the Missouri side where the barbershop is that I go to, and put my helmet into the case when I went in. Boy is that a big help, as you are not carrying it with you everywhere.

Back home later this afternoon, I had to mow the yard again. It has rained almost every day since last Saturday when I mowed last. The grass made a big mess again, so I spent some time cleaning that up, and bang the day was gone.

Retired Rod

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