Saturday, May 30, 2009

Now its warm/Claire/Scooter ride

Today was another repeat of yesterday.  Grand daughter Claire was here all day and we got little else done.  But it is not like we were trying to do anything else.

I did sneak away and go for a scooter ride in the middle of the afternoon.  Over to the fast food hamburger stand, and then to the competitive scooter shop in Olathe.

This shop is a John Deere yard implement dealer/Polaris dealer/Vespa scooter dealer.  Boy that covers some diverse products.  Lawn tractors parked next to Victory motorcycles.  With scooters across the isle.  The big bikes do catch your eye more than the Yellow and Green of the yard implements.  But that would just be me.  Perhaps a non motorcycle person would only see the tractors.

The Vespas are expensive!  Almost twice what the Taiwanese bikes cost.  And five times what the mainland china bikes cost.  But most of us think the mainland china bikes are real junk, so they don’t count.

I really didn’t see anything I would trade for, as far as scooters go.  I like mine, which is good since they would kill me on trade anyway.

I was mainly looking for what they might have in accessories, and they failed me.  They had a bunch of stuff for the big cycles, and lots of stuff for the Yellow and Green crowd, but nothing for us lowly scooterists.  If that’s a word LOL.

It was hot at almost 90 degrees, and the air conditioner has been running in earnest all day.  This is the first we have had that.  So perhaps summer has arrived for real.  At least I was happy to get back to the house with the bike and park it for the rest of the afternoon.  Helmets are darned hot.

Tonight we went back to Fuddruckers for the Sweet Potato Fries.  Chris and Melissa went along too, and fed Claire her burger supper.  It was a transition,  where she naturally went home with them without thinking about saying goodbye.  That is easier.  We should get her back next week, unless the other side of the family wants her.   Deb???  

Retired Rod

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