Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cleaning the dock.

It’s funny, I posted the header picture on facebook and said that instead of working, I thought I would sit and stare at the lake.

All the folks agreed that I should sit and space off the day.  So I had to not take their advice and work all day cleaning.  The dock and the pontoon boat were totally full of winter grime.

Loyce and I both worked all day cleaning.  It was a really big job and we are both killed.

We don’t have a lot to talk about tonight, since we never left the place all day.

Son Ben has arrived for the weekend tonight.  He brought all three of his bandits and our daughter in law Danielle.  So we will have the family weekend here at the lake.  It will get crazy with kids all going all over the place at once, so if we don’t blog much, please understand.

Retired Rod

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