Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Loyce to the dentist and a scooter top case.

We sat around here and did nothing today, well Loyce went to her dentist in the morning. I'm the guy that sat around.

In the afternoon, I had to get away, so I went to the bank and then the brokerage house. Not too exciting but at least it was out of the house. It looked like rain, so I took the car.

But then on a whim I went up to the scooter shop to price a top case luggage box for the back of the scooter. He quoted $130. But he told me $119 for the same item two weeks ago. I didn't say anything, I just left.

So this evening I have been researching the top case on the internet. It is from Italy and is made by a company called Givi. They seem to be the best and are expensive. Once I determined the model that I was looking at, I found that the MSRP is $100. That didn't set too well with me.

After many web sites, I ended up on ebay, found one for $90 and shipping. Came in at $105 and I could use Paypal and not give out the credit card info to the retailer. A DEAL!

So it is ordered. I would have had sales tax on the $130 so I'm about $40 to the good. I don't mind if they make a little extra profit, but that seems a bit much.

I am thinking that I will go back and attack the electrical problems at the lake tomorrow, if I can muster that much enthusiasm. Tomorrow is to be rainy so it will be a good day to travel, since I can't do much outside here.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Retired Rod

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