Monday, May 25, 2009

Overcast but fun.

It was overcast today.  So much so that we never saw the sun.  But it wasn’t too cool, and the humidity seemed to still be high.  The grand kids didn’t care, they swam their heads off.

We had a little accident, that caused me to run the bissell carpet cleaner for a couple of hours mid morning.  Coffee and white carpet didn’t mix too well, but we won’t know if I got it all up until it completely dries.

It was almost noon, when we headed out for our boat ride, but the kids were killed from swimming, so they wanted to come right back.  Loyce and I went for a longer ride by ourselves. 

Every tom, dick and harry was out with their 50 foot ocean going liners.  They make wakes that are taller than a man, and bounce the pontoon boat all over the lake, so we gave up on the ride idea after a few miles.

In the afternoon, I fired up the smoker and did a couple of drunk butt chickens.  I used the normal recipe with the dry rub and oiled skin for the chickies.  They seem to smoke golden brown that way, in an hour and 45 minutes. 

The temperature in the smoker was not much over 200.  It only takes a few wood pieces, as the smoke browns the skin rapidly.  The dark meat was pink like ham.  Mmmmmm!

Tonight we went out to see the fireworks that are displayed by the Lodge of the Four Seasons.  We go to a cove that backs up to the lodge golf course.  From there you can see over the ridge to the show.

There were not nearly as many folks there because of the rainy cool evening, as we had a shower while we were eating supper.  The rain held off during the fireworks, and has not restarted.

The kids were killed and fell asleep on the way home.  Boating in the dark on a big lake is quite an experience, but we have done it for years.  Still have to keep your eyes sharp as there are obstacles.  No wake buoys are the major things that are hard to see.

So all and all a good day at the lake.

Retired Rod


  1. Now white carpet in the lake house seems a little strange to me anyway. Sounds like you are having fun this weekend.

  2. Well it's not really white, more oatmeal color, but it doesn't hide coffee too well. LOL
    I had another go with the stain this morning, but it will take four of five times to remove it all.


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