Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jolly Roger

Back on July 21 of last year I had pictures and reported that one of our popular restaurants here at the Lake had burned to the concrete. This was the blog at that time.

Of all the luck

We boated up there yesterday, to see what progress had been made since that time. They are back! It would seem as though it never happened. I am sure they have worked harder than ever to get going again.


This picture was taken with the Blackberry cell phone and surprises me that it is as good as it is.

We were not able to get anywhere near the docks to tie up. The deck was crowded and there was a line waiting for tables. The clientele here at the lake seems to be very loyal. I am happy for them, as they seem to be nice people.

Jolly Roger web site. This is their web site, and it has a picture of the fire as a background. The construction photo’s are of building the original building and boat bar. I didn’t find any pictures of the rebuild, but it looks just like the original. Had I not known about the fire, I would never have suspected the building had been replaced.

This picture was borrowed from a blog written in 2007, and was the only photo of the old restaurant I found on the web.


Retired Rod

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