Thursday, May 14, 2009

Setting up the show

The first day in Dayton is when we go to the radio junk yards, excuse me lets call that a salvage yard.   This particular place is up in Lima, Ohio about a half hour to the North.  They specialize in military radios that are hard to find. Antiques and collectables.  A few treasures were found, and my friend Allen and I slipped over to the local Harley Davidson dealer to look around at their offerings as well.

We came back to Tipp City, where we are staying around lunch time, and reclaimed the trailer.  After a trip to Arby’s, we were off to the setup day at the hamfest.

Since all we have to do is back in the trailer and get it situated, we set up several tables, and began to sell.  And of course wandered around between the other vendors that were setting up their booths.

This facility, Hara Arena is a Hockey rink, that is attached to a large wooden floor ball room.  There are food courts and concrete vendor halls which are built adjacent, and all interconnected.  The hamfest takes over this entire facility.

Surrounding the buildings, is a 3000 space parking lot.  This becomes the outdoor flea market.  It is our three spaces in this flea market that we were readying.  But since the place is not open to the public yet, it is common practice for the vendors to sell to each other.  If another guy thinks he can get more than you are asking, then it will be on his tables by the time the public  gets in.

We went to a pizza party tonight at a local haunt.  Later we were at the Collins Radio collectors club reception.  This is a watering hole event at the Holiday inn not far from the Arena.  We shook a few hands and made an appearance.  Right now it is late, and we must be up by 5:30 for tomorrow so I must sign out.

Fun will be had by all tomorrow, as it is the official first day of the show.

Retired Rod

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