Friday, May 1, 2009

Trip back to KC

It was overcast and looked like rain any minute, so I scurried to the dock to cover the pontoon. As I was finishing, I decided that there was nothing I would be able to do with the wiring in a down pour.

I bolted the electric boxes back together and headed for the house as it began to rain. I added some tape to the connection between the drop cords in order that the ground fault at the plugged end wouldn't trip.

We packed and were on the road by about noon. Lunch became McDonalds in Versailles, Mo. It rained all the way home.

It was dry here for about two hours which let us unload the car, but then as I was returning the old boat battery at Sam's Club, it began to pour here as well. Seems like I could have driven the pontoon home instead of the car! LoL

Tonight has been catch up on the blog reading and left over bean soup from the day last week. Got to have good numbers at the Doc's office tomorrow, or the lecture will begin!

Well in the last several years I have not made the numbers they want even though I eat all sugar free stuff. Then they give you more pills. And the lecture!

Retired Rod

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