Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to KC and another dead battery.

We gathered our stuff and headed out. Well not that quickly, as Loyce had her usual cleaning projects to attend to. She really likes clean, and the washing machine never stopped all morning. And the same with the dishwasher.

Now for me, I made the small projects get finished. Like filling the hummingbird feeder all the way to the top. It won't take long for them to drain it. Every time we arrive, it is empty. It holds over a quart.

We had pulled the utility trailer to the lake, so that had to get hooked back onto the truck. We didn't bring much back to KC, so the trailer made the trip empty. Compared to the 30 plus foot travel trailer, the little utility is feather light.

It did finally stop raining as we left the Lake house. Figures!

Back here in KC, we took a voice message on an alarm going off in our Jayco trailer at Storage Mart. Never would have had a call like that from the old storage joint. So I went over to the lot tonight. I think the CO detector alarms as it looses voltage, as the 12 volt battery is flat. Its been parked for 10 weeks now, and stuff runs all the time. No place to plug in at storage, so I brought the battery back to the house. The charger confirmed the flat diagnosis. I'll keep the battery here until we head out next time.

Tonight I am catching up on blogs, but now its time to post this and get some shut eye.

Retired Rod

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