Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unloading and cleaning.

I slept like I was dead! Well dead tired anyway. Even after I got up around 9AM, I wasn't moving too fast. I think the lack of sleep adds up, and you have to replenish the bank, for more than one night.

So marathon sleeping does not fix the problem.

I unloaded the trailer of its camping supplies, and lawn chairs, mid morning. Tables, and tarps. Box of bungie cords, and the like all have their off season storage places.

By noon, it was time to wash the highway dirt off the outside of the trailer. It was grimy, and required scrubbing with black streak solvent. Still the aluminium streaks never get completely removed from the white painted surface. Oh well it is just a trailer.

Loyce has a whole load of toys and kids stuff that she wants to take to the lake, so she was filling the inside back up in preparation for our departure on Thursday.

I slipped into the house as the mid afternoon sun began to make me perspire. Enough of all this manual labor stuff. There are blogs to get caught up on! LoL

Tonight we went over to Fuddrucker's for a burger and some sweet potato fries. Its been over a month since I had those. Loyce was a good girl and had a chicken salad.

Tonight I am still in need of more catchup rest, as I am drifting off before I can post this entry.

The scooter is not finished at the cycle shop, because they are waiting on a part. I do not know where it is coming from, but they said it was shipped last week. I missed the toy today, as the hot afternoon would have been perfect for a ride.

Retired Rod

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