Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party and a Museum

Houses in town here in KC are in neat little rows. With not too deep of back yards. So the back yard fence is too close. Well for us fellows that have lived in a lot deeper lots anyway.

With that in mind, the neighbor one lot down and across the back lot is having a party tonight out on his deck. He rents that place, and renters never seem to care much about the other property owners. You know the drill.

They have obviously had quite a number of drinks as they are now into the whooping and hollering stage of the party. I can hear them as I sit here in my big chair. Not loud, as it is cold and the doors and windows are all closed, but they hopefully will give it up before bed time.

This would not be acceptable in a campground. You would have a visit from the ranger as it is after quiet hours, 10 PM even on a Saturday night. In order to calm these folks we would have to call the cops, and then we would be the people that would be shunned not them. So we will let it go. You country folks never have these kinds of problems.

Today was more work kind of day. We have had rain every day for the last week, and the lawn had to get mowed. But it was too wet, but it had to get mowed, so the grass balled all up under the mowers and I had to rake a bunch of it. We still have big clumps all over the place, so I will need to go over it again fairly quickly to break all that up. Worked on that for over two hours before noon.

The hams here in Olathe, Kansas have a museum out in the country, where a shop teacher that was a ham lived. When he died he left the place to a trust, and when the trust went broke, the city took it over. The local ham club acts as docents for the museum when it is open, and today they were opening it for the season.

I rode the bike out there and listened to the head guy tell a bunch of stories about when the old ham ran the station. He taught the morse code on the air. His sister was also a ham and this was their family farm as their parents purchased it in 1909. She died last and set up the museum trust.

If you are interested in this kind of thing they have a interesting web site to check out.

I have been reading this since I got back.

Retired Rod

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