Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You know how mama told you if you couldn't say something nice, then don't say it at all? Then perhaps I should just tell this story, rather than launch myself into the RANT that I could allow myself to have.

No one wants to read a rant, so calmly I will say that I went over to Sam's Club to purchase some new T-Mobile blackberry phones to replace our 4 year old existing phones. The gal was very helpful and explained all that I needed to do. Convinced me which phones to buy, and sent me home to get Loyce's phone.

After about an hour of programming the phones and working on the computer to renew everything, I went on my way.

Going out to dinner with my son Chris and his family, we played with the new phones. They didn't work. Couldn't make a phone call and they didn't connect to the internet.

To make the story shorter, I have spent the last 4 hours with T-Mobile reps on the phone while they tried to straighten out the many missteps and pot holes created during the day. Oh MY!

I never did get data service, and finally they managed to put both phone's sim cards on one number. This deactivated the sim card in my phone beyond its ability to be corrected. It will take a supervisor daytime employee to fix the whole mess. And they say up to 48 hours for them to have this person straighten it out.

Our old phones don't work, and neither do our new phones. We are locked out of the system entirely. But our bill will now be $25 higher, for the data plan that can't be activated.

Sure hope they can't get to the workings of my wired land line, because they will offline it too given a small chance.

Sam's Club is much cheaper, than other stores and does not fool around with rebates, but charges the amount of money they need right out of the box. For heavens sake, please check that the phones work, before you leave the store. Even if the batteries are too low to do much, call someone!

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