Thursday, May 21, 2009

T-Mobile Resolution

Our friends at T-Mobile must have known that I was a tad upset, because at about 5 AM, they got around to fixing all the problems that had been created for the cell phone.

With trepidation, at about 8 AM, I checked to see what number my wife's phone was attached to. And to my surprise, it was on her number. And, it worked right.

My phone was still hopelessly locked, and needed to be turned off. Then I thought that I might call back to see what they could do for it. But giving it one more chance, I turned it back on to see what might happen. It booted right up to the correct number and had the internet to boot. All was well.

I have spent the day teaching myself how to run the Blackberry. So this experience has been one of joy to have purchased and brought home the new phone, disappointment when it wasn't set up right, frustration when the service reps couldn't get it right and now puzzlement as I self train. Did I miss any emotions?

My younger son is coming to the lake this weekend, and has promised to compare his knowledge to the small amount I have and perhaps we will both come out smarter.

So with that said, it is off to the lake tomorrow, to spend the holiday in the fishing cabin. It has been several weeks now since we were there last, and the tree pollen is out in full force. That means we will have to clean everything in sight, again. It will be covered with this nasty green powder that makes a soup when wet.

By now it should be about over for the trees, but clean up will be for the next several weeks.

On another note, I went after the scooter this afternoon. The new headlight switch had been installed, making it number three that has been on the bike. It seemed to work normally when I checked it out in the garage tonight. Perhaps that is resolved now.

Retired Rod

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