Friday, May 29, 2009

What kind of Harley are you?

We have our oldest son’s daughter with us today and as usual, the grandkids rule the roost when they are here.  We got her last night and she will stay tonight as well, so normal is out the window.

We played most of the morning and napped in the afternoon.  But grandpa used  the afternoon as his computer time.  Well until he passed out for a while.  But when we all awoke, it was sunny again.  Yea! 

But that meant the yard needed to be mowed before the next rain. So grandpa had to get on the stick again.

I took a quiz on Face Book, as to what kind of Harley I would be.  And it came out a classic.  A old school heavy bike.  Several folks chimed in to say that is more like what I should ride rather than a scooter.  But there is a problem with that.  I have diabetes.  Its a nasty disease, that causes neuropathy in your lower body.  Weakness, numbness, and unstableness.  So that is why the scooter, since it weighs only 260 pounds.  A lot heavier than a bicycle, but still manageable.

When we were in Lima, Ohio last month, we stopped at a Harley dealer South of town.  I again sat on the newest V-rod called a muscle.  I drooled all over it, but it weighs 650 pounds.  If I get it tipped over very far, it is too heavy for this old diseased guy.  I hate to admit that, and damn I would like to have that ride, but for right now its just not in the cards.  It was wine colored maroon with oodles of chrome………..

So we sit tight here taking care of the grandkids.  But then what else would we rather be doing?

Retired Rod

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