Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Boat Ride

We intended to go home today, but the cover was never put on the boat.  So I suggested that we might take a little ride.  So ride we did.  Again it was sunny and 80 or 85 or beautiful.

We boated around the end of Horseshoe Bend and passed the Lodge of the Four Seasons.  They have some new buildings since we were over there last, so we will have to go with the car and see what they have done.

Leisurely on to the highway bridge that connects the East side to the West.  This is a toll bridge, but eliminates miles of driving when you want to go to Laurie or Sunrise Beach.  We were headed toward the Grand Glaize bridge, when I decided that it was mid afternoon, and I was hungry!

I know there is a restaurant back in one of these coves, so I entered the first one on the left.  Nope not in here!  So around the point into the next cove, and yep there it is at the back.  This cove is now an idle speed cove, so it took forever to get to the very back.

Oh yah I remember its called Backwater Jacks.  You would think its name was Budweiser LOL.


I am sure this is the reason that the neighbors declared their cove as an idle speed cove.  They have large parties here on the weekends.  But not many folks here today.  The pontoon on the left is the front of ours, as I had just tied it up.

The specialty here is the Fried Potato Salad.  Its kind of weird.  They take cubed potatoes about 3/8ths of and inch, and fry them in oil.  Like they were french fries.  Then they mix them with a potato salad dressing.  Like they were ordinary boiled potatoes.  The dressing is yellow like mustard dressing, but the potatoes look like hash browns.  The stuff is served hot and is quite good, actually.

I had the 1/2 pound burger, and Loyce had the tenderloin.  It was fun to sit out on the deck and drink the bottomless pepsi with our dinner.

It was late in the day once we boated the 17 miles back home.  As we were covering the boat, the sun disappeared and rain was near.  But we were home and on to bigger projects.  A nap!

So we never did get our stuff into the car and head back to KC.  Maybe tomorrow, since the boat is now covered.

Retired Rod

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