Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where can you camp?

As I was writing last nights blog, I realized that there are very few camping opportunities here in the South West corner of the KC metro. So I looked around on the internet, and didn’t come up with much.

I went to RV Park Reviews, and it listed the state park down in Spring Hill. But that place is a zoo almost every weekend. I also listed a campground in town up on Johnson drive. I thought that’s interesting, I didn’t know we had a campground in the city. That’s 75 blocks North of here, so I thought, “Scooter Ride!”

I first went to the Scooter World store where I had purchased the Kymco, and bought a new face shield for my helmet. There is nothing wrong with the one I have except it is smoked. I need a clear one for night time riding. You really need the thing more at night than you do in the daytime. Otherwise you eat bugs like crazy. Yuk!

So after the bike store, I rode to the Walnut Grove RV Park. I almost went right by. It is a house on the street like almost all the others. But it had a sign declaring it to be an RV Park.

I rode in like I owned the place zooming past the office. Makes it look like you are headed right to the house of a friend or something, and I have seldom been stopped with this approach.

This is mostly a deep back yard of these folks home. In the Walnut trees, with the ground all gravel. With full hook ups of course. I stopped along the back fence and took a picture looking back to the front.


The blue mobile home up front is completely permanent. But many others are skirted, and haven’t moved in quite a while. The road was blacktop, everything else was gravel.

Its alright, but does not have anything to look at except the junker trailer next door.

It would do, and you could put your awning out as the sites were wide enough, but unless you have a specific reason to camp right in the city, I think I would pass.

It was 93 or so, and I couldn’t get home fast enough, the sun was blazing and the cars were hot hot hot. At home, I sat in the AC and turned the fan on high, but it was 5 PM by then.

Tonight I rode to the Five Guys hamburger joint as it was becoming dusk. The new face shield was just the ticket, no bugs to chew!

Retired Rod

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